cultural tradition

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1 Rapid social change and cherished cultural traditions .
2 The three tribes still share very similar cultural traditions and languages.
3 They strive to retain their cultural traditions .
4 Mexican folk dance is an uneven synthesis of different cultural traditions .
5 There is now a slow movement towards reviving cultural traditions .
6 They have other countries and cultural traditions right next door.
7 And culturally - the school is rich in cultural tradition .
8 Yongle sponsored and created many cultural traditions .
9 Their cultural traditions are best reflected in their folk songs & dances.
10 Childbirth is a vitally important biological function steeped in cultural traditions .
11 The various groups of Timucua speakers practiced several different cultural traditions .
12 Cultural traditions dictate audience expectations, and therefore guide storytellers.
13 In this respect pagans and Jews shared the same cultural tradition .
14 Poetry in Afghanistan has long been a cultural tradition and passion.
15 These are primarily works of literature from the Western cultural tradition .
16 The lyrics are tributes to the rich cultural traditions of Punjab.
17 Pazardzhik is a town with defined cultural traditions .
18 It is well known for its literary and cultural traditions .
19 The objects analyzed must all come from a single cultural tradition .
20 It has a very rich cultural tradition and a very interesting history.
21 Cultural Identity Global nomads inevitably are influenced by multiple cultural traditions .
22 There is no doubt that coursing is a cultural tradition .
23 The countries of the Maghreb share many cultural traditions .
24 Essentially, it consists of an African-American cultural tradition .
25 Finally, some are taken from Germany's cultural tradition .
26 Ethnography The process of documenting a group's cultural traditions .
27 Franco-Ontarians retain many cultural traditions from their French Canadian ancestry.
28 Around 3000 BC, a cultural tradition began around Kerma.
29 Zürich has a rich cultural tradition .
30 This is simply a cultural tradition .
31 Long-term institutional histories and critical analyses of major cultural traditions are also examples.
32 Other amateur popular theaters are also very important in preserving the cultural traditions .
33 Children raised internationally, however, are necessarily influenced by multiple cultural traditions .
34 Various cultural traditions and superstitions surround the baserri.
35 The different cultural traditions represented in the British Isles are no exception.
36 They might feel isolated from their cultural traditions , from their churches.
37 Marilac just doesn't have that sort of cultural tradition .
38 African linguistic and cultural traditions were alive and well in the country.
39 Their cultural traditions allow line fishing, but no net or spear fishing.
40 Despite strong regional cultural traditions , Tyne side was affected by these developments.