current climate

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1 Current climate models are far from being useful .
2 Current climate change is due to anthropogenic GHG concentrations.
3 Yet the current climate of restraint militates against exploring such alternatives.
4 How innovative an idea is that in the current climate ?
5 Therefore changes in the current climate could have significant results.
6 This gives him an advantage in the current climate though.
7 None of the current climate and ice models predict this .
8 Growing knowledge is why training is so important in the current climate .
9 In the current climate ...we'd have been dropped".
10 Prof. Salby extends this relationship to our current climate development.
11 The debt ceiling has imposed a particular ugliness on the current climate .
12 This is the current climate with the DWP.
13 And especially in the current climate .
14 Given the current climate for China Internet stocks like Youku.
15 But in the current climate many fear these underlying ethical principles are being overwhelmed .
16 The return of rain 4,000 years BP gave the region its current climate .
17 And these two are hoping to uphold the integrity of current climate science ?
18 With a name as big as his , in this current climate ?
19 Is Current Climate Change Natural or Man-made?
20 The implications of the current climate change on ice sheets are difficult to constrain.
21 Do Britain's banks do enough to fund business in the current climate ?
22 But it also suggests a grisly solution to our current climate change problems.
23 The current climate for mental health providers presents unique issues for careful, protective consideration.
24 This basis of deciding the case is not very satisfactory in the current climate .
25 What 's your outlook for regeneration projects like these in the current climate ?
26 The human-made factor in the current climate change is a measurable , empirical fact.
27 In the current climate obtaining financing has become more difficult making apartments a more feasible option.
28 In the current climate , the positive impact of a purely financial reward is minimal.
29 Without that grounding your post does not address the fundamental problems in current climate science .
30 In the current climate , the Afghan reporters who cover parliament are not very impressed.
31 I will describe their mistakes and explain the findings of current climate science and economics.
32 Then I think they would of had a real chance in this current climate .
33 QUESTION: You don't see a chance for diplomacy in this current climate ?
34 He used mathematical methods to study the current climate of inner planets of the solar system.
35 These tracks share climate information that scientists can use to help understand the current climate change.
36 Then again, perhaps I'm projecting the current climate of dwindling support onto the past.
37 Much of the current climate of education about health stresses the importance of individual lifestyle behaviours.
38 This experience helped him to appreciate the ethical and religious dimension of the current Climate crisis.
39 This modest warming is much less than current climate models suggest for a doubling of CO 2.