current policy

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1 Do racist attitudes underlie the current policy ?
2 Teacher understanding is apparently irrelevant under the current policy .
3 It will track trades permissible under current policy .
4 Current policy may be missing commercial opportunities and enhanced energy security.
5 Current policy is a beacon for more illegal immigrants.
6 Current policy has become a twisted caricature of reasonable impulse.
7 This also violates our current policies regarding patient confidentiality.
8 Some think radical centrist ideas are too different from current policies .
9 Current policies also allow natural fires to burn.
10 The current policy framework is part of the problem .
11 But the current policy of inaction carries much more risk .
12 This current policy is effective from 25 October 2011.
13 Clearly, the current policy is not working.
14 I. Know current policies and programs relative to educational opportunities.
15 Under current policies , this gap will grow.
16 The Consultation teams under the current policy are undemocratic.
17 Translation: 16 million people will lose their current policies .
18 My quick take: certainly superior to our current policies .
19 This is our current policy , and it is massively immoral.
20 This would preserve the Act's current policy .
21 Current policy has not achieved its goal of making college more affordable.
22 Current policy is also at odds with other Obama administration policies .
23 Sir Humphrey: Yes, and current policy .
24 The current policy is not working.
25 The current policies of overreaction strike me as insanely stupid.
26 Second, entitlement spending will be reduced, relative to current policies .
27 Their current policy is to do it then ask for forgiveness afterwards .
28 That is the current policy for Shenendehowa as well.
29 In a few areas, a toughening of current policies is possible.
30 Users must keep apprised of the current policies and regulations as posted.
31 RCCLs current policy strictly favors the non-smokers.
32 If the service made no significant changes, its current policy is used.
33 Furthermore, the current policies in place to address food crises are insufficient.
34 Any information collected under the current policy will remain subject to these terms.
35 Other conditions included the maintenance of current policies of tax and investment liberalization.
36 This may be bound to change, however, given current policy trends.
37 To inform and encourage debate within local communities on current policies and future development.
38 We will read, discuss, and report on current policy developments together.
39 He said he plans to maintain current policies to improve CPC 's business.
40 Schieder said McGill's current policies do not cover off-campus incidents.