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1 The current trend in securing our regional waters is bilateral cooperation.
2 A current trend is the automation of radio stations.
3 What are the current trends in biodiversity?
4 The current trend is moving everything is moving onto the CPU .
5 I realize that I am going against the current trend here.
6 Graduate school deepened my experience with current trends in academic composition.
7 This is not unlike current trends in US corporate outsourcing.
8 A reversal bar signals a reversal of the current trend .
9 Research on system justification in young children remains a current trend .
10 The current trend in global emissions points in the opposite direction .
11 And current trends suggest they never will be .
12 Which current trend (s) did you incorporate?
13 Given current trends , they won't.
14 Current trends in marketplace abounds sustainability programs.
15 The current trend is to avoid very expensive and very heavy elements.
16 A current trend in electronic publishing is to allow programmability.
17 Be very careful about the current trend toward minimalism.
18 If current trends continue, that usage could double by 2011.
19 Current trends will favour making the parties live with it.
20 This betrays an ignorance, however, of current trends .
21 Internet reporting: Current trends and trends by 2010.
22 Tap-water fishermen seem satisfied with the current trend .
23 They have been passed down and sometimes adjusted to meet current trends .
24 Some current trends reinforce this linear pattern, whereas others modify it.
25 The current trend is to focus on countries with higher growth potential.
26 Current trends have inspired policymakers to seek out effective college preparatory programs.
27 Come discuss current trends in childbirth, infant care and home safety.
28 Hence, current trends in inflation can be expected to persist.
29 Current trends suggest that the first requirement will easily be met.
30 Many attend just to see the current trends in casual wear.
31 Current trends in linguistics (Vol. 10).
32 On the net tutoring is the most current trend in education market.
33 For example current trends in Western Society are tolerance and liberalisation.
34 What would you say are current trends in elearning?
35 A modern content strategist certainly needs to sty up-to-date on current trends .
36 The current trend is towards greater environmental control and full air conditioning is recommended.
37 If current trends continue it could fall to 9th after Kawasaki.
38 Current Trends in Linguistics 12.345–71.
39 Yet even I have noticed the current trend sweeping the automotive world .
40 I like to think dressing cheap is the current trend in camping.