defense systems

0.43 hits per million
1 What is the effectiveness of theater missile defense systems ?
2 The above-mentioned defense systems normally keep the lungs healthy.
3 What are the primary U.S. missile defense systems ?
4 Air defense systems need cross-country and adverse weather capability.
5 Defense systems play a smaller role in the industry.
6 These defense systems changed the way the city looked.
7 Stark Aerospace (unmanned defense systems ).
8 This is where the planet's defense systems fired at them.
9 As laser defense systems go, that's advanced.
10 Those secrets revealed the holes in America 's defense systems .
11 Raytheon is a developer of missiles and related missile defense systems .
12 Aurora Flight Sciences (unmanned defense systems ).
13 The planet's automated defense systems destroyed those who approached the planet.
14 The third stage engines are manufactured by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems .
15 While battling over Earth it is shot down by human defense systems .
16 The Chinese provided antiaircraft and air defense systems as well.
17 Consequently, the Soviets initiated the development of improved air defense systems .
18 This causes the targeted aircraft's defense systems to warn of active targeting.
19 U.S. sales of missile defense systems are done both commercially and through FMS.
20 Except now we get to print our own weapons and defense systems .
21 The IRGC navy is also responsible for Iran's coastal defense systems .
22 Military Maintenance Policy (MMP) is required for defense systems .
23 The Goodyear Aerospace plant was sold to Loral Defense Systems .
24 The complex and technical nature of advanced defense systems often require continuous collaboration between countries.
25 Its occupants have defense systems that are much more highly advanced than our own .
26 Or the strobe defense systems that have already been deemed ineffective as well ?
27 Orbital's Missile Defense Systems product line consists of interceptors and target vehicles.
28 Our natural free radical defense systems have been severely weakened, drained, and overrun.
29 After the Gulf War, improvements were made to several U.S. air defense systems .
30 Turkey also planned to buy anti-missile air defense systems worth more than $1 billion.
31 After avoiding several defense systems , Keen is able to reach and destroy the device.
32 It is also capable of interoperability with other theater missile defense systems and C3I systems.
33 Israel has improved its missile defense systems , but is facing a more heavily armed Hamas.
34 The 4713th Defense Systems Evaluation Squadron was stationed for training in the Northeast.
35 Rafael Advanced Defense Systems is the Israeli authority for development of weapons and military technology.
36 After the Vorlons left the galaxy, their homeworld's defense systems were left active.
37 It bypasses the defense systems .
38 In essence, our psychological defense systems kick in to protect us from the overwhelming news.
39 The United States has missile defense systems in place to protect us from limited ICBM attacks .
40 Units operating these specially equipped aircraft were designated Defense Systems Evaluation Squadrons (DSES).