demographic factor

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1 These demographic factors are often associated with generational buying trends.
2 Broad demographic factors can affect particular services sharply.
3 Another classification scheme considers genetic and demographic factors .
4 Demographic factors are variables beyond VA control.
5 One contributor to this is the dramatic change in demographic factors .
6 This basic demographic factor was a unique advantage favouring the Russian Muslims.
7 He argues that demographic factors are 'likely contributors' to terrorism.
8 Moreover, demographic factors such as unplanned pregnancy may also foreclose options.
9 Since demographic factors do not directly affect the taxation ratio (but cf.
10 Demographic factors are evoked by several countries in connection with their environmental problems.
11 Two key reasons highlighted in the report are veteran demographic factors and benefit rating decisions.
12 Once you control for economic and demographic factors , there is no partisan divide.
13 Life concerns and demographic factors .
14 Life concerns and demographic factors .
15 Life concerns and demographic factors .
16 Life concerns and demographic factors .
17 This article looks into the potential interplay between demographic factors and economic growth factors and indicators.
18 Yet none of these demographic factors accounts for the vast differences in wait times across states.
19 The impact of demographic factors on Hong Kong hotel employees' choice of job-related motivators.
20 It is more rational, relating to departmental needs by taking account of demographic factors and expense.
21 Instead, our research focused on economic and demographic factors influencing organic fresh fruit and vegetable purchases.
22 Econometric results confirm the result even after controlling for all the observed socioeconomic and demographic factors .
23 Demographic factors , personality variables, and health-related factors were related to their satisfaction with care.
24 Bottom-up influences include external events, and broad situational and demographic factors , including health and marital status.
25 The association remained after adjustment for socioeconomic status , demographic factors , air pollution, and roadway proximity.
26 The drastic decline in use and knowledge of indigenous languages is largely attributed to the recent demographic factors .
27 Biological, clinical, and demographic factors contribute to the likelihood that an injury will be fatal.
28 And when morbidity statistics are available, they are not ordinarily classified by the demographic factors of present interest.
29 Women mostly make up sterilization rates worldwide, but their motivations behind the procedure vary depending on demographic factors .
30 Satisfaction with care showed no relationships to demographic factors such as age, living conditions, or civil status.
31 Demographic factors : Population, age distribution, and licensing rates are important additional determinants of LDV travel demand.
32 The empirical results indicate that respondents' WTP varies significantly across attributes and is closely associated with certain demographic factors .
33 Software that Neal developed and offers for free allows students to be classified according to academic history and demographic factors .
34 It also includes additional information and commentary on patterns of mortality over the longer term and by key demographic factors .
35 This technological change connects to an obvious demographic factor – the introduction of 'Generation Y' into the workforce.
36 But several important demographic factors can be identified as prerequisite, for a variety of reasons, in any circumstances.
37 The crime decrease was due not the work of the police and judiciary, but to economic and demographic factors .
38 Furthermore, the study aims to determine the effects of social and demographic factors on potential classification of organic user groups.
39 In addition, we investigated therapy costs in the light of concomitant cardiovascular diseases and demographic factors (table 3).
40 Demographic factors such as gender and age moderate the effect of personality factors on goal setting, selfregulation and behavioural antecedents.