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1 Results from the hierarchical cluster analysis can be presented in dendrograms .
2 Dendrograms of this type are notoriously labile as new information appears and opinion changes.
3 Coalescents can be visualised using dendrograms which show the relationship of branches of the population to each other.
4 This approach was motivated by the observation that dendrograms that appear very different by visual inspection may actually encode identical relations.
5 Specific nodes in these dendrograms are identified as tertiary structural clusters of the protein, these include both super-secondary structures and domains.
6 Note however, that methods "median" and "centroid" are not leading to a monotone distance measure, or equivalently the resulting dendrograms can have so called inversions (which are hard to interpret).
7 In order to analyze the stability of the results of hierarchical clustering, we introduced a measure of similarity between two trees based on a comparison of the geometry of the dendrograms .
8 To quantitate the stability of the hierarchical structure, we calculated the variance of the distance between all pairs of organs within each of the 1000 HC dendrograms .
9 Phenetics did not try to reconstruct phylogenetic trees; rather, it tried to build dendrograms from similarity data; its algorithms required less computer power than phylogenetic ones.
10 their dendrograms .