departure angles

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1 Every Frontier also offers good approach and departure angles for exceptional off-road capability.
2 In addition to advanced four-by-four technology, aggressive approach and departure angles help the Trailhawk earn Trail Rated status.
3 Exceptional ground clearance and short front and rear overhangs allow for steep approach and departure angles for traversing irregular terrain.
4 CCV vehicles have powerful engines, high ground clearance, light, minimalist bodywork and good approach and departure angles .
5 But the 4x4 models are true off-roaders with almost enough ground clearance to require a stepladder to get inside and approach and departure angles that are around 27 degrees.
6 Despite a lack of traditional body on frame construction and dedicated transfer case, the Evoque is still capable of class leading off road performance with of ground clearance, 25 degree approach and 33 degree departure angles , and the ability to ford up to of water.
7 Typical Land Rover design traits aim at improving off-road performance included a prominent driving position, hill descent control, and useful approach and departure angles .
8 The 4x4 FJ Cruiser has 9.6 inches of ground clearance, 34-degree approach and 30-degree departure angles , and a 27.4-degree break-over angle, with 8 inches of front and 9 inches of rear suspension travel.
9 Like all Land Cruiser generations, it is well known in the off-road world for its off-road abilities but was somewhat limited by its awkward departure angles .
10 Useful features of the smaller Jeeps are their short wheelbases, narrow frames, and ample approach, breakover, and departure angles , allowing them to fit into places where full-size four-wheel drives have difficulty.
11 To that end, the Paceman Adventure has been treated to a modified suspension system, increased ground clearance, improved approach and departure angles and special off-road tyres.
12 In spite of the sleek body, there's still 212mm of ground clearance and impressive approach and departure angles for serious off-road work.
13 With shift-on-the-fly high and low ratio four wheel drive that's selectable when off roading, limited slip differential and free-running front differential, 184 mm of ground clearance, and nimble approach and departure angles , the Kia Sorento is a genuinely useful off-roader – just in case you hadn't realised this by now.
14 For the novices, our instructor Mike Igo begins with the basic of approach/ departure angles , ramp brake over (clearance under the center of the car), gearing as well as vehicle dynamics.
15 The Rear wing offered more rear end grip above 100 km/h. FTE also went beyond Fords internal guidelines regarding specifics such as departure angles .
16 Fiat has no knowledge of real offroad vehicle , obviously we're not expecting much in terms of offroad prowess, it is still afterall killed by no clearence and no approach/ departure angles .