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1 But sometimes tough choices mean starting difficult conversation within city government.
2 Chris has endured another difficult race event.
3 Those four years were exceptionally difficult ones.
4 The double game was becoming more difficult .
5 A fantastic experience although initially extremely difficult .
6 The little family lived under extremely difficult conditions.
7 But getting more information is proving difficult .
8 There was another reason why finding books was difficult .
9 That black belt test sounds unbelievably difficult .
10 So crystal ball gazing has become extremely difficult .
11 Even finding hotel accommodation had proved difficult .
12 It may show reasonable profitability despite difficult trading conditions.
13 Fiscal fine – tuning is very difficult .
14 Moral issues are difficult under normal circumstances.
15 To produce such data is extremely difficult .
16 The world economy is going through difficult times.
17 The 50 multiple choice bar exam questions are particularly difficult .
18 It is particularly difficult during rainy periods.
19 Reducing human–leopard conflict has proven difficult .
20 The 1930s were another difficult period.
21 What had been very difficult gradually became natural.
22 Offshore soil collection introduces many difficult variables.
23 This substantial boundary change makes meaningful demographic analysis very difficult .
24 Low population densities made profitable commerce difficult .
25 The film was made under extremely difficult conditions.
26 His remarkable 1951 season began under very difficult conditions.
27 A suitable bass player proved more difficult .
28 The reality is something much more difficult .
29 Online cheating has therefore become extremely difficult .
30 The final few weeks were really difficult .
31 In difficult times social entrepreneurship is vital .
32 What " difficult policy reforms" are those?
33 Physical abilities are gradually impeded until coordinated movement becomes very difficult .
34 Going "upstream" is always difficult .
35 This makes sensing targets very far away extremely difficult .
36 There are more difficult areas where plants are concerned.
37 The olive oil was much more difficult .
38 No case is ever considered too difficult .
39 It has made everything much more difficult .
40 The last week has been especially difficult .