18.48 hits per million
1 It takes 18 drill bits per hole.
2 You are drilling through holes previously drilled.
3 You are drilling through holes previously drilled .
4 The average drill hole length was 250 metres.
5 In areas between bars holes are drilled .
6 The government holds annual air raid drills .
7 These regulars were highly drilled professional soldiers.
8 The joint venture has already drilled 370 wells.
9 The 5 th hole is currently being drilled .
10 For routine cars drilled rotors are better.
11 The benches were drilled by rotary drills using 12 inch bits.
12 The benches were drilled by rotary drills using 12 inch bits.
13 He had never drilled the company before.
14 The drill was extremely fun and informative.
15 Life boat drills & procedure to man ship.
16 The auxiliary intake ports have been drilled .
17 Over 50 man to man defense drills .
18 The drill involved an active shooter scenario.
19 You should hold an immediate reaction drill once per week.
20 Parking lot seemed very empty during the drill .
21 The output targets were based on meters drilled .
22 The hole is either drilled or threaded.
23 These are popularly used core drills on magnetic core drilling machines.
24 The drill hall suffered a direct hit.
25 The seed drill also saved planting labor.
26 Common applications included rock drills and jack hammers.
27 A total of 10 holes were drilled .
28 The overall conversion and drill took 12 hours.
29 Such formations required planned drill in advance.
30 Other training included warrior task battle drill and individual weapons qualifications.
31 Armed drills were held about once every three months.
32 There are five different types of " drills ".
33 Hard rock walls are very difficult to drill through.
34 The academy campus is centered around the drill square.
35 White parade gloves are worn during drill practice only.
36 Drill technology has advanced steadily since the 19th century.
37 Military drill teams perform either armed or unarmed.
38 Participation involves daily rifle drill instruction and practice.
39 These drill bits are used at relatively low speeds.
40 One method is recycling drilling waste into construction material.