drive away

2.55 hits per million
1 Where light is admitted darkness is driven away .
2 The owners live a few minutes drive away .
3 Bells are used to drive away evil spirits.
4 They were being driven away for many reasons.
5 They were driven away when police fired tear gas.
6 The aircraft sustained damage and was driven away .
7 The car had turned and driven away .
8 That will affect prices and drive away customers.
9 Many journalists were driven away from the scenes.
10 They watched as the taxi drove away .
11 The beaches are only a few minutes drive away .
12 I drove away and made it home safely.
13 All the other cars had been driven away .
14 Several were injured and the crowd was driven away .
15 Then they drive away towards the railway.
16 Only rarely do adult birds attempt to drive away predators.
17 An acrimonious loyalty oath campaign drove away faculty members.
18 But younger generations are actually getting driven away from that truth.
19 The witnesses quickly drove away from the area.
20 Everyone relaxed visibly as she was driven away .
21 The car involved drove away from the incident .
22 We drive away our friends and allies .
23 I personally had been driven away from windows games for years .
24 I asked as we were driving away .
25 Liverpool & Birmingham airport is about 90 mins drive away .
26 Well, the armored car drove away .
27 Television networks aren't being foolish by driving away older viewers.
28 They didn't behave aggressive though and drove away soon.
29 Just drive away wise ol' Tom.
30 A short time later she heard him drive away .
31 I was very cold but I prevented them driving away .
32 Continue to drive away from the wire.
33 They ran to their cars and drove away .
34 Excellent walking nearby and beaches not too long a drive away .
35 Calais is a 3 to 4 day drive away .
36 For hot sun to drive away the chill inside her.
37 Local harbours and beaches are just a few minutes drive away .
38 They hurriedly drive away and arrive safely at the battalion headquarters.
39 White intends to drive away the black knight with g5.
40 After it had been repaired, he drove away without paying.