earlier research

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1 Earlier research about smiling has produced mixed results.
2 The latter result was not found in earlier research .
3 This is consistent with earlier research on sources.
4 Earlier research has shown that mortality rates actually decline during a recession .
5 Two main discrepancies stand out between our study and this earlier research .
6 Kaptchuk has conducted earlier research on placebos.
7 Earlier research using rhesus monkeys helped scientists understand how the virus attacks cells.
8 The Space Shuttle booster motor is a derivative of this earlier research .
9 The findings of (de)VOICED also confirms earlier research .
10 Earlier research suggested this benefit but involved just older, unusually healthy men.
11 Both programmes had some elements of earlier research accomplished in France and Germany.
12 Large amounts of earlier research have focused on stock performance after a presidential election.
13 While some propositions are original with IDT, many are derived from earlier research .