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1 Maintaining environmental flows provide important ecosystem services.
2 Aquatic ecosystems perform many important environmental functions.
3 Actual salinity varies among different marine ecosystems .
4 The scholarly publishing ecosystem is complex however.
5 The riparian ecosystem was bustling with life.
6 This continuous light vs constant shade would certainly produce intriguing ecosystems .
7 Coral reefs are extremely diverse and important ecosystems .
8 This burial option helps protect and restore fragile ecosystems .
9 Best science clearly demonstrates that wolves benefit whole ecosystems .
10 The housing ecosystem is immensely complex and highly local.
11 Specific reference to ecosystem services – overarching principle.
12 Average world net primary production of various ecosystems .
13 A high turnover rates in upland ecosystem habitat types.
14 This sequential transfer between ecosystems is termed the nitrogen cascade.
15 This allowed rapid regeneration throughout the ecosystem .
16 The island has six terrestrial and three marine ecosystems .
17 There are many reasons to restore ecosystems .
18 In freshwater aquatic ecosystems phosphorus is typically the major limiting nutrient.
19 Beach nourishment has significant impacts on local ecosystems .
20 The environmental conditions along railroad track create a unique railway ecosystem .
21 Nature sustains many ecosystem services that benefit humanity.
22 This has allowed flowering plants to largely dominate terrestrial ecosystems .
23 Most ecosystems are adapted to natural fire cycles.
24 Cornwall has varied habitats including terrestrial and marine ecosystems .
25 The "entrepreneurial ecosystem " is sometimes a strange place.
26 That fog drip helps the entire forest ecosystem stay alive.
27 The human body is a diverse bacterial ecosystem .
28 This typical wetland ecosystem is rich with natural resources.
29 Different rice ecosystems have different land preparation requirements.
30 The results for ecosystem services are mixed.
31 This park has many rivers and diverse ecosystems .
32 The free software ecosystem is complex and rich.
33 His research interests include stream ecosystem management and design.
34 Path 2 Healthy ecosystems often provide natural defences.
35 In addition, water moves very quickly through land ecosystems .
36 This ecosystem doesn't always follow conventional wisdom.
37 One ecosystem service whose significance is becoming more realized is climate regulation.
38 Thus recovery of the ecosystem is slow.
39 Many living labs are not sufficiently integrated in regional innovation ecosystems .
40 Birds are very necessary for the ecosystem .