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1 Large clinical studies showing effectiveness are absent.
2 Organizational effectiveness is typically evaluated within nonprofit organizations using logic models.
3 Education efficiency is measured without considering effectiveness .
4 What does enterprise risk management effectiveness mean?
5 Its effectiveness against headaches has been documented .
6 Different studies show different rates of effectiveness .
7 The reward is greater efficiency and effectiveness .
8 What is their effectiveness against strategic targets?
9 All these functions contribute towards organisational effectiveness .
10 Learning more about learning improves teacher effectiveness .
11 Effectiveness of professional development across different groups.
12 No single initiative can create organizational effectiveness .
13 The precise formula ensures effectiveness and safety.
14 Statistical modelling issues in school effectiveness studies.
15 Bitter disputes severely damaged the operations effectiveness .
16 Political participation was thus linked with military effectiveness .
17 Stress testing has limited effectiveness in risk management.
18 Most experts recommend using multiple measures to evaluate teacher effectiveness .
19 Comparative effectiveness research has shown that significant cost reductions are possible.
20 Ethics is a foundation found within organizational effectiveness .
21 Studies are currently underway to determine effectiveness .
22 Economic constraints have greatly hampered military effectiveness .
23 The actual effectiveness of tobacco advertisement is widely documented.
24 Community reinforcement has both efficacy and effectiveness data.
25 The international handbook of school effectiveness research.
26 In an asymptomatic patient effectiveness implies improved disease specific survival.
27 The benefits are cost effectiveness and continuity.
28 The shielding effectiveness is dependent upon the skin depth.
29 Its effectiveness compared to natural pepper spray is unclear.
30 Making appropriate adjustments increased the overall effectiveness .
31 It arguably increased effectiveness in close range engagements against multiple targets.
32 Lower coverage rates can jeopardize program effectiveness .
33 The effectiveness of financial incentives is debatable.
34 Long-term change in leadership effectiveness requires real effort.
35 The absolute product has certainly prove its effectiveness .
36 Their effectiveness for manual pipeline welding inspection is controversial.
37 They increase red blood cell membrane flexibility and effectiveness .
38 Cost effectiveness analysis: disease control approaches.
39 Our particular priority is how aid transparency will improve effectiveness .
40 These evaluated current practice and identified ways to improve performance effectiveness .