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1 The next process addresses this essential element .
2 The essential elements are wheat bread and grape wine.
3 Both toxic and essential elements affect health.
4 Freedom of press has three essential elements .
5 Essential elements of strong parent involvement programs.
6 The refrigeration cycle uses four essential elements to cool.
7 Which essential element has a name meaning "water producer"?
8 This basic Dialogue process combines three essential elements .
9 The essential elements of logic are the same.
10 This is an essential element to manage partnerships.
11 Trade is an essential element of forward progress.
12 And surprise is an essential element of compelling drama .
13 These organisations are considered essential elements of the social safety net .
14 This dynamic series, offers the essential elements every soloist needs.
15 Clearly, some essential element was missing.
16 Tax planning is an essential element of the tax preparation process.
17 Another essential element in prayer for people is love!
18 Google has already minimized the browser to its essential elements already.
19 Leading by example is another essential element shaping our day-to-day actions.
20 He called a translation that leaves out such essential elements inadequate.
21 Bass traps are an essential element of a dedicated theater room.
22 Essential elements are essential because they are needed to maintain health.
23 Divide the workload into its essential elements .
24 Feedback and dialog are essential elements to a successful funding proposal.
25 Content generalization has two essential elements ; selection and classification.
26 Discuss the statement explaining essential elements of a valid contract.
27 It was an essential element of Greek social life.
28 Sports journalism is an essential element of any news media organization.
29 Risk is an essential element in the battle system.
30 It is the essential element of a knife fight.
31 The essential elements of the game of baseball.
32 This is an essential element of our success.
33 Faith is an essential element of Christianity.
34 The expansion of instructional methodologies is an essential element of restructuring.
35 Green salad is also an essential element of meals.
36 Climate is an essential element in this planning.
37 There are three essential elements in bodybuilding.
38 Cooling towers are an essential element of numerous industrial plants today .
39 Debridement is an essential element of effective wound care.
40 The major HLAs are essential elements for immune function.