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1 All three investments depend on existing research .
2 This observation is supported by the existing research .
3 How are they explained by existing research ?
4 The training or research will not adversely affect existing research programmes.
5 This research will make three contributions to the existing research .
6 That information will be based on a rigorous review of existing research .
7 Existing research on Wikipedia employs descriptive, analytic, and empirical methodologies.
8 Much of the existing research focuses on traffic stops and reaches mixed results.
9 The existing research has also been conducted after the new technology has been installed.
10 A case study will be undertaken in Nottingham to build on existing research .
11 Existing research has clearly demonstrated traces of the Hercynian and Alpine orogeny.
12 Hazard communication should take into account all existing research and any new evidence.
13 Existing Research Education economists have studied educational production functions for more than 30 years.
14 Existing research both confirms and refutes this risk, so more studies are needed.
15 Following each proposition, selected examples are presented from existing research to support the proposition.
16 Tibble M. Review of the existing research on the extra costs of disability.
17 NySMAC's main goals are to distribute information on existing research and plan future research.
18 What does existing research say about the effectiveness of work-focused programs for ex-prisoners?