existing research

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1 All three investments depend on existing research .
2 This observation is supported by the existing research .
3 How are they explained by existing research ?
4 The training or research will not adversely affect existing research programmes.
5 This research will make three contributions to the existing research .
6 That information will be based on a rigorous review of existing research .
7 Existing research on Wikipedia employs descriptive, analytic, and empirical methodologies.
8 Much of the existing research focuses on traffic stops and reaches mixed results.
9 The existing research has also been conducted after the new technology has been installed.
10 A case study will be undertaken in Nottingham to build on existing research .
11 Existing research has clearly demonstrated traces of the Hercynian and Alpine orogeny.
12 Hazard communication should take into account all existing research and any new evidence.
13 Existing Research Education economists have studied educational production functions for more than 30 years.
14 Existing research both confirms and refutes this risk, so more studies are needed.
15 Following each proposition, selected examples are presented from existing research to support the proposition.
16 Tibble M. Review of the existing research on the extra costs of disability.
17 NySMAC's main goals are to distribute information on existing research and plan future research.
18 What does existing research say about the effectiveness of work-focused programs for ex-prisoners?
19 It's expected that each challenge will build on, and leverage existing research activity.
20 This stage has been almost entirely ignored by existing research , and it is especially important.
21 Existing research material will be maintained in its present form but no revisions are planned.
22 This lab is an addition to IBM 's existing research and development facilities in Israel.
23 The content displayed in the video is purely a compilation based on existing research by multiple entities.
24 The French network, Renatel, will begin linking up existing research computer systems next year.
25 But we did have existing research that I could kind of lean on to confirm stuff.
26 The findings add to existing research that neonicotinoid pesticides are contributing to the decline in bee populations .
27 To be part of the class, each student must be working on an existing research project.
28 This has potential for future research work carried out at RBGE, and for existing research programmes.
29 Link to existing research , if possible, and include future plans or lessons learned based on results.
30 The authors review existing research on this topic and highlight some of the difficulties involved in comparative studies.
31 Two of these matching processes are covered extensively in the existing research literature: continuous matching and cumulative matching.
32 It defines producer services, and by reviewing existing research produces a better understanding of their role and growth.
33 Yet nowhere in the existing research or literature does this need appear to be acknowledged, let alone addressed.
34 My hope is that this insight may spark a new look at the existing research and prompt confirming studies.
35 Though the "context updating" account is well supported by existing research , several alternative theories have been proposed.
36 Two researchers at the University of Adelaide have just released a review of existing research findings concerning these subjects.
37 Festinger's seminal 1957 work integrated existing research literature on influence and social communication under his theory of cognitive dissonance.
38 The research will involve analysis of legal documentation, synthesis of existing research and interviews with representatives of interest groups.
39 However, Bush opposed any new embryonic stem cell research, and had limited the federal funding of existing research .
40 Just because the existing research that suggested a link was bad research, doesn't mean there is no link.