experimental research

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1 To refuse to participate in experimental research .
2 Sweden is conducting experimental research on liming forest areas too.
3 Identify appropriate methods of experimental research in sport and exercise sciences.
4 Fisher's experimental research and his writings popularized randomized experiments.
5 How is correlational research different from experimental research ?
6 Experimental research is the best approach for determining causal relationships between variables.
7 Experimental research is focused on the first two effects.
8 The institute focused on single-subject experimental research designs.
9 How have animal models gained utility within experimental research whilst sustaining clinical relevance?
10 Gannushkin was also involved in experimental research of hypnosis.
11 However, experimental research is not any different in this respect.
12 Much field research on commons dilemmas has combined solutions obtained in experimental research .
13 A broader interpretation of vivisection includes non-behavioural experimental research involving living animals.
14 Experimental research has attempted to measure the effects of exposure to rap music.
15 Topics include musical acoustics, music perception, and experimental research in music.
16 All this again opens up the door for novel fundamental experimental research directions.
17 They concluded more experimental research is needed to investigate the toxicity of mephedrone.
18 Past researchers have not been able to derive meaning...from experimental research .
19 Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research , April 2007.
20 One of the main purposes of experimental research is to determine cause-and-effect relationships.
21 Agricultural needs were the first to induce the state to establish experimental research institutes.
22 The School of Pharmacy, which has four departments, does mostly experimental research .
23 All experimental research will be conducted in Las Vegas, Nevada and vicinity.
24 Served on BBSRC Experimental Research on Ageing scientific advisory panel.
25 Ozoneservices.com offers the best high quality medical grade generators for experimental research use.
26 The experimental research is compelling.
27 This is still experimental research .
28 Research methods include surveys, focus groups, interviews, and observational and experimental research .
29 In experimental research an attempt is made to control as many confounding variables as possible .
30 Experimental research suggests that particularly low trust individuals are willing to invest money in punishment systems.
31 As more data are collected, the SEED OK experimental research may provide additional insight.
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36 The study is published in the journal Alcoholism : Clinical and Experimental Research .
37 Nonexperimental Research Versus Experimental Research Designs.
38 Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research 16:776–780, 1992.
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40 The Chevrolet Experimental Research Vehicle was a lightweight, open-wheel single-seat racer.