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1 The risk of aspiration is particularly dangerous given her frailty .
2 Do I ever show such concerted and repetitive frailty ?
3 Paying tuition doesn't eliminate human frailty , certainly.
4 Where does it leave human vulnerability and frailty ?
5 Acceptance of human frailty has marked this papacy .
6 Most important is the factor of human frailty .
7 Our human frailties are often the target of the enemy.
8 At the same time allow for human frailties .
9 My friend's dementia is progressing, as is her frailty .
10 The frailties of the holiday romance have a long history.
11 But the frailty of the accounting system made such corruption relatively simple.
12 But I see frailties in the team .
13 James - The frailties of the human mind and moral qualities.
14 This is not just political frailty but a weakness of spirit.
15 Cameron felt the frailty of the position as he spoke.
16 But they are also people with recognizable faults and frailties .
17 Humanity's great frailty ... we prefer past happiness to future uncertainty.
18 Frailties were exposed , sloppiness took over.
19 Dost thou not then acknowledge thy frailty ?
20 They are milk for babes, food adapted to their frailty .
21 He underwent the frailties and insecurities of childhood.
22 Osteoporosis is a component of the frailty syndrome.
23 Such is the frailty of us varying degrees.
24 Even conditions such as frailty can be assessed in this way.
25 Its the undoing of human frailty at its peak.
26 Yet the frailty of her body could take no more.
27 I was somehow a reminder of the frailty of their own marriages?
28 Dale's physical frailty and lack of athletic abilities is a running gag.
29 God takes upon Godself our human giftedness and human frailty .
30 It passes on its master's frailties for all to see.
31 We're only human, with all those incumbent frailties and shortcomings.
32 Unruliness frightened him; he felt so vulnerable in his frailty .
33 The frailty of the Leeds defence has already cost them dearly this season.
34 Isolation, frailty , dementia, and even suicide were increasingly common.
35 Frailty can interfere with body posture and gesture and therefore with body language.
36 What is the nature of frailty ?
37 Bennett is both unsparing and compassionate in laying bare his characters' frailties .
38 However, they add that physicians recognize frailty when they see it.
39 Young in her frailty , her pallor, her flowing blonde hair.
40 The more people see them the more they see the human frailties .