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1 NOTE: The images are not free-to-use or clip art.
2 The program is called EcoTransIT and is free-to-use .
3 Pubmed and Biomed are good free-to-use sources.
4 I'm a big fan of any free-to-use tools that help identify cost saving opportunities.
5 Take a ride Bernrollt ( ) is the free-to-use bike scheme.
6 OpenStreetMap is an effort to create nothing less than a free-to-use map of the world.
7 The next big step is how so many of these free-to-use platforms will monetise their services .
8 However, unlike several of its rivals there is no free-to-use option beyond an initial 30-day trial period.
9 All Apache Struts products are copyrighted software available under the Apache License , a " free-to-use , business-friendly license".
10 The goal should be to define and then grow the pool of free-to-use , public domain content archived at and not to apologise for the inflexibility and intransigence of rights-holders and exploiters.
11 The large numbers of free-to-use ATMs and the low average number of transactions at pay-to-use machines means that 97% of cash withdrawals in the UK remain free of charge.
12 While YouTube's revenue-sharing "Partner Program" made it possible to earn a substantial living as a video producer–its top five hundred partners each earning more than $100,000 annually–in 2012 CMU business editor characterized YouTube as "a free-to-use ... promotional platform for the music labels".
13 ProDraw Graphics Browse an excellent site that offers professional graphics for sale, as well as extensive sections of free-to-use menu buttons, animation, a 3D gallery, and multiple categories of clip art.
14 ANSI E1.31–2009 Entertainment Technology–Lightweight streaming protocol for transport of DMX512 using ACN, published May 4, 2009, and Art-Net are two free-to-use protocols used to achieve this.
15 By then, the market for voice chat had seen intense competition from downloadable and free-to-use software like Ventrilo and TeamSpeak, among others.
16 Since ' Me at the Zoo' became its first video on 23 April 2005 , the free-to-use website has become part and parcel of daily internet usage across the ... Green Realty Properties® ::: Davie Short Sale EXPERTS, CDPE AGENTS Green Realty Properties® ::: Patty Da Silva, CDPE - Broker and her team of Davie REALTORS® are a tremendous asset to the Davie Florida real estate community.
17 It is also the first product to result from Sony 's partnership with Pottermore, J.K. Rowling's unique and free-to-use website that builds an exciting online experience around the reading of the Harry Potter books.
18 I 've already written about the incredible spiritual parallels in the film, the multiple starting points for conversation (many connected with personal pain and life issues), and the growing number of online resources available, especially the Damaris video shorts and study guide , and Rusty Wright's free-to-use article .
19 Increased prominence given to adverts These free-to-use platforms are increasingly popular and users are generating endless data that has to be stored in expensive , shiny data centres.
20 " The free-to-use Crowdhoster platform allows users to run multiple, ongoing campaigns and easily set reward levels to incentivize contributors.
21 Notes: - Groups of 5-10 receive 2 packs / Groups of 10-15 receive 3 packs / Groups of 15-20 receive 4 packs and so on... - For those expecting to be worse for wear or who would rather leave the drinking for later, the drinking element can be removed. - Entry to the venues on the crawl is subject to sobriety, and at the discretion of the venue staff. - Each team will need a fully charged mobile phone to use for texting. - The text messaging feature is free-to-use for UK mobile phones in the UK. - Suitable footwear and clothing is advised.
22 " At the moment, the design and interface of Honeyhive does seem similar to Trello, a free-to-use web-based project management system .
23 I've long thought the government should buy out/launch their own free-to-use satellite tv service and treat broadcasting on it like OTA broadcasts.
24 However, we found more flexibility and programming ease was provided by the free-to-use object-oriented main-memory database system called FastDB [FastDB] (in case the database grows larger than 4Gb (on a 32 bit system), FastDB can be replaced with a disk-based version called GigaBASE ).