front desk

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1 The front desk staff is always friendly and really nice.
2 The shuttle drivers and front desk were very courteous.
3 People at front desk are very friendly.
4 The front desk clerk was very friendly and helpful.
5 Upon arrival the front desk clerk was rude.
6 Their front desk reception staff is the worst.
7 I headed inside towards the front desk .
8 The front desk clerk was very courteous and nice.
9 Front desk and all staff are managers.
10 Available at the front desk upon admission.
11 The recreational staff and front desk people were great.
12 The staff at the front desk was very helpful.
13 Front desk staff and bar staff were always willing to help.
14 Front desk staff were most welcoming and accommodating.
15 They are removed by the front desk staff.
16 The front desk experience left something to be desired.
17 The front desk staff were all quite helpful and pleasant.
18 Another one is covering the front desk .
19 The lady at the front desk is rude .
20 Those who manned our front desk were uniformly odd .
21 Be nice to the front desk staff .
22 Instead call the front desk to request housekeeping services.
23 The Museum front desk has available information on schedules.
24 The front desk clerks and housekeeping were exceptional....
25 The front desk staff has been directed to refuse such anonymous gifts.
26 DO NOT drop off possible collection items at the front desk .
27 From our housekeeping staff to the front desk .
28 The front desk staff could not be more accommodating.
29 The staff person at the front desk will notify fax recipients.
30 This will help avoid congestion at the front desk .
31 Front desk was good and they were friendly.
32 Nice lady at front desk then gave us 206.
33 All the front desk people are very nice and helpful.
34 Extra towels available at front desk , if needed.
35 Also, major attitude from the front desk guy.
36 I called the front desk , asking to change rooms.
37 The folks at the front desk we very efficient & friendly.
38 We spent time getting this straight with front desk .
39 Front desk means just that, front desk.
40 Front desk means just that, front desk .