further research

Still searching...
1 Further research was ordered but stopped six months later.
2 Further research into risky play is necessary.
3 Priority areas for further research are outlined below.
4 The study added that further research was needed.
5 The balance between these factors needs further research .
6 The decision line to authorize further research is therefore broken.
7 This incident is worthy of further research .
8 The reason remains unclear, pending further research .
9 Is there scope for further research here?
10 Clearly this is yet another area for further research .
11 Further research aimed specifically at addressing this issue is needed.
12 It has also suggested many lines of further research .
13 Further research suggests cosmic dust might have skewed the results.
14 This is an area that warrants further research .
15 Further research is required for these issues.
16 There is no need for further research .
17 This is an area for further research .
18 Further research might profit from examining these possibilities directly.
19 This is also an area where further research is warranted.
20 Further research is needed to help explain this unexpected finding.
21 Further research is required for cost effectiveness of digital control.
22 Further research has found that patterns of attachment persist past infancy.
23 Further research is necessary to answer this question.
24 Further research shows age has an affect on credibility.
25 Further research is necessary to answer that question.
26 Detailed reporting schemes aimed to provide data for further research .
27 Section 6 concludes this study with further research implications.
28 Further research on this topic is currently underway.
29 Further research cleared up the remaining mystery.
30 This part of your article requires much further research .
31 Further research of this issue is suggested.
32 Its removal is not being contemplated, pending further research .
33 The UK plan also encourages further research .
34 Real Reason suggested several promising directions for further research .
35 I personally did not vote until I did further research .
36 Finally, managerial implications and further research needs are identified.
37 That prospect is kept open for further research . 8.
38 The reasons are not clear, further research is needed.
39 The EEC has banned BST until further research has been completed.
40 I offer everyone to participate in further research and technology development.