3.57 hits per million
1 The gearbox was overhauled at approximately 900 000 kilometres.
2 The gearbox made terrible cries of complaint.
3 A revised gearbox was introduced halfway through the season.
4 A standard manual gearbox was also available.
5 This was sometimes due to incorrect gearbox fluid changes.
6 A manual gearbox provided four forward speeds and reverse.
7 Its engine and gearbox are silky smooth.
8 I had my gearbox oil changed around 60 k miles.
9 The four speed gearbox seems to be very high geared.
10 The gearbox is sound and a five speed unit.
11 The gearbox has four forward and one reverse gear.
12 The traditional automatic gearbox was replaced by a sequential automatic.
13 The automatic gearbox is the only option.
14 The gearbox has four forward gears and one reverse.
15 The gearbox had five forward and one reverse gears.
16 Weight was further reduced and a sequential gearbox was added.
17 A gear change lever was mounted directly on the gearbox .
18 The gearbox was light and the car very responsive.
19 The clutch and gearbox were equally capable of being raced.
20 Removing the gearbox and lower receiver 1 .
21 The lack of a gearbox strong enough is another.
22 The gearbox is a manual 6-speed transmission including reverse.
23 Replacement gearboxes are delivered within 72 hours.
24 There are several radically different mechanical designs of preselector gearbox .
25 The mechanical issues stemmed largely from the gearbox and clutch system.
26 Ricky suffered a gearbox issue at the restart four laps later.
27 Next up the drive train is often a gearbox .
28 They also have a closer ratio gearbox .
29 It has a 6-speed manual gearbox and rear wheel drive.
30 The gearbox locked on his first lap.
31 The game also replicated engine, gearbox and electronic failures.
32 Senna was unable to pull away because he had gearbox troubles.
33 He charged back towards Senna who was experiencing gearbox troubles.
34 All versions come with a five speed gearbox .
35 The 1600 received a strengthened gearbox as well.
36 The only transmission choice is a 6-speed manual gearbox .
37 Car 47 did not finish due to clutch and gearbox failure.
38 A five speed manual gearbox will also be available.
39 His car's gearbox seized after a pit stop.
40 The third section of the engine is the gearbox .