hard labour

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1 He was sentenced to 6 months hard labour .
2 He was sentenced to 14 days hard labour .
3 Jamaica was a place of hard labour .
4 He was also sentenced to hard labour .
5 Their clergy were tried and sentenced to hard labour periodically.
6 He was sentenced to six months imprisonment with hard labour .
7 These leaders typically spent decades in prison and hard labour .
8 Penal servitude included hard labour as a standard feature.
9 Eventually, he would serve 26 years hard labour .
10 The governor jailed them for twelve months with hard labour .
11 A bit of hard labour in Cheltenham.
12 One was sentenced to 28 days in jail with hard labour .
13 Sodeman was sent to prison to serve three years hard labour .
14 Edalji was convicted and sentenced to seven years hard labour .
15 Left him in jail, he getting six months hard labour .
16 Hard labour in the vineyards had kept Quinn in shape.
17 Six hours hard labour for a potential two minutes screen time.
18 Doucet faces trial and hard labour if convicted.
19 His avoiding hard labour in freezing outdoor temperatures enabled him to survive.
20 Judges sentenced him to three years imprisonment and seven years hard labour .
21 All suffered crippling hard labour , starvation, brutality and tropical diseases.
22 For this Vanivellu was sentenced to 18 months hard labour .
23 The offence was punishable by twenty-eight days of imprisonment with hard labour .
24 If they refused, they faced demotion and hard labour .
25 Homsi was later sentenced to 15 years in prison with hard labour .
26 Charged with obscenity the magistrates gave them six months hard labour each.
27 Penalties included life imprisonment, hard labour and flogging.
28 It had been a hard labour .
29 Additionally hard labour and very hard labour were introduced as methods of punishment.
30 Additionally hard labour and very hard labour were introduced as methods of punishment.
31 However, an extra month's hard labour made good the loss.
32 They faced violence and hard labour in the Re-education Camp.
33 Some of the hardest labours are for tiny tots .
34 I have experience in guest relations, janitor duties and hard labour .
35 And hard labour ... the railway navvies remembered by a rock band.
36 Arrested again in 1937 and sentenced to 10 years of hard labour .
37 Seven of the crew were put in jail for six months hard labour .
38 In 1823 , a large treadwheel was erected for prisoners serving hard labour .
39 Whereas the earnings of hard labour have much 'Barakat'.
40 Aristina Pop was arrested in 1953 and sentenced to twenty years hard labour .