0.2 hits per million
1 The vocal histograms are really helpful and it is very enjoyable.
2 The second step of calculation involves creating the cell histograms .
3 Histograms show the distributions of measured noise at each site.
4 Thankfully this issue is manageable, so watch those histograms !
5 Below statistics there are histograms for each gauging point.
6 Histograms were classified without previous knowledge of the pathological or survival data.
7 Histograms with at least 15000 events were recorded.
8 Figure 2 shows the DNA flow cytometry histograms .
9 Thus, this method is not recommended for assessing highly abnormal histograms .
10 Histograms of this energy content showed heavy-tailed properties.
11 Tables, histograms and graphs can be produced just as easily.
12 The combination of these histograms then represents the descriptor.
13 Frequency histograms are important in describing populations, e.g. size and age distributions.
14 Histograms are always used to estimate filtering by non-equality predicates.
15 No histograms here, sorry folks.
16 This assumes you have a computer and can generate alternative histograms fairly readily.
17 Histograms of the bootstrap distribution and the smooth bootstrap distribution appear below.
18 The C-7070Z has not one, but two histograms !
19 Excel supports charts, graphs, or histograms generated from specified groups of cells.
20 Serious looking histograms can look scientific, especially when supported by bogus academic research.
21 Volume is usually displayed in charts as a series of histograms underneath the price.
22 Figure 6 shows the pairs of DNA histograms in the eight SCRC cases.
23 First two of them rely on construction of histograms for estimation of probabilities.
24 Excel 97 was used for further calculations of percentages and creating pie charts and histograms .
25 Histograms . A frequency distribution chart of a process or distribution of continuous data.
26 Histograms are maintained on a per-table basis (not per-partition).
27 We first develop two methods for efficiently compressing a database constructed from feature histograms .
28 Look duration histograms for this experiment are replicated in the top row of figure 3.
29 The descriptor then becomes a vector of all the values of these histograms .
30 Figure 5 shows eight pairs of DNA histograms of crypt epithelia of FAP cases.
31 The two histograms are of the same data, the second plot is logarithmic though.
32 Distribution graphs include histograms , frequency polygons and CDFs (Ogives).
33 A powerful form of quantal analysis for central synapses is the study of amplitude histograms .
34 For each of the 16 pairs of histograms shown, 200-212 nuclei were examined.
35 Also, note that if column data values are skewed adding histograms may also be necessary.
36 Histograms for the training sets of the two classes are shown in the figure below.
37 Histograms Now you can put the data from the check sheets into a histogram.
38 Classification tree with dot histograms .
39 Histograms of change in segregation.
40 Thus, in favourable cases, amplitude histograms can permit a reliable analysis of quantal size.