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1 All rank 3 hyperbolic graphs are compact.
2 Such components are called " hyperbolic components".
3 Such hyperbolic sentiments were fun to entertain.
4 High resolution schemes for hyperbolic conservation laws.
5 A finite subset of hyperbolic triangle groups are arithmetic groups.
6 The most prevalent geometry is hyperbolic geometry.
7 Angle deficit is defined similarly for hyperbolic geometry.
8 An example of negatively curved space is hyperbolic geometry.
9 Others feature scales for calculating hyperbolic functions.
10 The hyperbolic plane is a metric space.
11 The hyperbolic case is also "structurally stable".
12 The hyperbolic layout uses a radical layout.
13 The geometry of such a universe is hyperbolic .
14 The reference to "security documents" is far from hyperbolic .
15 He also worked on nonlinear hyperbolic differential equations.
16 British reviews tended towards the hyperbolic in negativity.
17 The system is strictly hyperbolic if these roots are always distinct.
18 Many were addicted to trivial solutions which induced hyperbolic behavior.
19 In special relativity, a uniformly accelerating particle undergoes hyperbolic motion.
20 Both problems are addressed geometrically using hyperbolic constructions.
21 These trees represents subgroup relations of paracompact hyperbolic groups.
22 Why the hyperbolic leap in logic there?
23 Weak solutions of nonlinear hyperbolic equations and their numerical computation.
24 This view became untenable with the development of hyperbolic geometry.
25 A hyperbolic knot is a hyperbolic link with one component.
26 A hyperbolic knot is a hyperbolic link with one component.
27 The corresponding group is an example of a hyperbolic triangle group.
28 It holds also in the hyperbolic plane.
29 It is a curve or hyperbolic in nature .
30 Pastorius has consistently been described in hyperbolic terms.
31 That term –Sports Tax–is not hyperbolic .
32 Clearly , Lewis's comment was hyperbolic .
33 There are many infinite hyperbolic Coxeter groups.
34 A bibliography for systoles in hyperbolic geometry currently numbers forty articles.
35 The Riemann surfaces with curvature −1 are called " hyperbolic ".
36 Upwind difference schemes for hyperbolic conservation laws with source terms.
37 Numbers such as λ have been called hyperbolic versors.
38 This is called an asymptotic line in hyperbolic geometry.
39 How is Descartes going to remove this metaphysical or hyperbolic doubt?
40 They are, after all, hyperbolic .