in labour

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1 Further analysis reveals additional gender differences in labour market activity .
2 The rest received sentences in labour camps .
3 There are many ways to overcome adverse selection in labour market .
4 The three women died in labour that night .
5 The entire population was forced to become farmers in labour camps .
6 She was in labour for around 11 hours .
7 We walk with pregnant women in labour .
8 Nearby towns drew in labour for service or apprenticeship .
9 She is in labour with her third pregnancy .
10 I was in labour , and frightened .
11 Many spent decades in labour camps or in internal exile .
12 Overall I was in labour for 3 hours .
13 This caution is also reflected in transfer decisions in labour .
14 There , she is told she is in labour .
15 Beware the Tory wolf in Labour clothing .
16 Amy 's parents are currently imprisoned in labour camps in China .
17 A bread queue in Labour 's Britain .
18 Another response to spatial differences in unemployment might lie in labour mobility .
19 Others worked in labour battalions to rebuild infrastructure destroyed during the war .
20 Would such a mess be safe in Labour 's hands ?
21 The so-called democracy in Labour is a stitch up .
22 The participation gap is captured using the difference in labour force participation rates .
23 About half of that in materials the rest in labour .
24 Midwives care for women in labour and through the delivery .
25 The percentage increase in labour productivity .
26 She has continued in labour since .
27 In Labour 's case , no such invidiousness applies .
28 Large-scale mechanisation resulted in an immense growth in labour productivity .
29 It follows his good showing in Labour 's shadow cabinet elections yesterday .
30 I clearly remember speaking to the midwife who supported me in labour .
31 Indeed , throughout 1936 there was much confusion in Labour Party ranks .
32 Joined Social Democratic Party 1881 and active in labour union movement .
33 All of them had held office in Labour Cabinets .
34 The changes in labour force disrupted the economic structure of Caymanian culture .
35 Immigration is always emotive and has real resonance in Labour 's heartlands .
36 They come on their motorbikes or bicycles in labour .
37 Their beds are changed at least daily , at great cost in labour .
38 These advances in land productivity also required and induced advancements in labour productivity .
39 Epidural analgesia is a relatively safe method of relieving pain in labour .
40 Separate Catholic graduates stand out because of their trust in labour unions .