in labour

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1 Further analysis reveals additional gender differences in labour market activity.
2 The rest received sentences in labour camps.
3 There are many ways to overcome adverse selection in labour market.
4 The three women died in labour that night.
5 The entire population was forced to become farmers in labour camps.
6 She was in labour for around 11 hours.
7 We walk with pregnant women in labour .
8 Nearby towns drew in labour for service or apprenticeship.
9 She is in labour with her third pregnancy.
10 I was in labour , and frightened.
11 Many spent decades in labour camps or in internal exile.
12 Overall I was in labour for 3 hours .
13 This caution is also reflected in transfer decisions in labour .
14 There, she is told she is in labour .
15 Beware the Tory wolf in Labour clothing.
16 Amy 's parents are currently imprisoned in labour camps in China.
17 A bread queue in Labour's Britain.
18 Another response to spatial differences in unemployment might lie in labour mobility.
19 Others worked in labour battalions to rebuild infrastructure destroyed during the war.
20 Would such a mess be safe in Labour's hands?
21 The so-called democracy in Labour is a stitch up.
22 The participation gap is captured using the difference in labour force participation rates.
23 About half of that in materials the rest in labour .
24 Midwives care for women in labour and through the delivery.
25 The percentage increase in labour productivity.
26 She has continued in labour since.
27 In Labour's case, no such invidiousness applies.
28 Large-scale mechanisation resulted in an immense growth in labour productivity.
29 It follows his good showing in Labour's shadow cabinet elections yesterday.
30 I clearly remember speaking to the midwife who supported me in labour .
31 Indeed, throughout 1936 there was much confusion in Labour Party ranks.
32 Joined Social Democratic Party 1881 and active in labour union movement.
33 All of them had held office in Labour Cabinets.
34 The changes in labour force disrupted the economic structure of Caymanian culture.
35 Immigration is always emotive and has real resonance in Labour's heartlands.
36 They come on their motorbikes or bicycles in labour .
37 Their beds are changed at least daily, at great cost in labour .
38 These advances in land productivity also required and induced advancements in labour productivity.
39 Epidural analgesia is a relatively safe method of relieving pain in labour .
40 Separate Catholic graduates stand out because of their trust in labour unions.