individual case

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1 The duo highlight several individual cases for example.
2 The diagonal group is treated as individual cases .
3 This rule is also effective in each individual case .
4 It is an individual case for every man.
5 The path between is a mature judgement on each individual case .
6 Therapy should be tailored to each individual case .
7 Detailed advice should be obtained in individual cases .
8 Specific behavior modification plan should be created for each individual case .
9 Prices also may vary in individual cases .
10 The individual case decides what is the better method.
11 In individual cases , things may go differently.
12 Individual case studies offer examples of these principles in practice.
13 Each individual case will require assessment on its own merits.
14 In individual cases and upon application, scholarships may be extended.
15 Individual cases are merely anonymous data for the calculation of statistics.
16 Some are knowledgeable only in their individual case .
17 It all depends on the individual case .
18 He describes in some detail several individual cases involving his patients.
19 It cannot refer to individual cases .
20 Few details of individual cases are known, but some are.
21 Group and community work overshadows individual case management.
22 And in individual cases this can be true.
23 Disputes concerning individual cases are settled by the Judicial Divisions.
24 They are also receiving individual cases from the public to investigate .
25 The visual experience for each case is different making each individual case unique .
26 The above criteria are applied to patients on an individual case basis.
27 The DoD COMPONENT is responsible for deciding each individual case .
28 The same report examined individual cases .
29 Individual cases may vary and should be evaluated carefully before treatment is provided.
30 Because they have a knowledge of the individual case .
31 The lack of conclusive evidence notwithstanding, individual case reports are often dramatic.
32 In individual cases , traineeships of extended duration can be arranged.
33 Maltreatment of Jews and individual cases of murder were daily occurrences.
34 For example, the social worker exercises discretion in individual case work.
35 Arthur reports many individual cases of practical help for people in trouble.
36 The type a doctor or therapist uses depends on your individual case .
37 There should be a management representative involved in individual cases of negotiations.
38 His office refused to release details or comment on any individual cases .
39 The preferred method depends entirely on the particulars of the individual case .
40 However , the details of individual cases could not be ascertained.