individual choice

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1 Spending money is based on individual choice .
2 The method of giving is an individual choice .
3 Let that aim inform your individual choices .
4 The smoking debate pits individual choices against state paternalism.
5 The underlying value is individual choice and self-determination.
6 A parent's individual choices are not protected.
7 Individual choice behavior, a theoretical analysis.
8 Individual choice will govern in the marketplace.
9 Disclosure is an individual choice with significant personal and professional consequences.
10 The effects of discussion on group and individual choices among bets.
11 Choice of color typically is a matter of individual choice .
12 A basic principle of democracy is the right of individual choice .
13 In numerous contexts it exalts individual choice .
14 Asserts individual choice in making moral decisions.
15 There is no best method , its an individual choice .
16 This way of understanding individual choice is also relevant to economics.
17 Individual choices to conserve resources are well known to be ineffective.
18 The next step is to analyze individual choice in an uncertain world.
19 The analysis uses ordinal rankings of individual choice to represent behavioral patterns.
20 Your choices are important; individual choices add up to the whole.
21 It is better that this remains an individual choice for each person.
22 It is an individual's choice to become a travestí.
23 Modularization will enhance individual choice and facilitate ever greater customization of life.
24 That is your own individual choice .
25 LPF equal opportunity theorists start by distinguishing unchosen circumstances and individual choices .
26 It's an individual choice and different for each child and parent.
27 That's a very individual choice .
28 There are few rules to follow and plenty of room for individual choice .
29 Respect for differences, diversity, and the right to individual choices .
30 There, in Egypt, redemption was a matter of individual choice .
31 These principles include quality indicators on individual choice and control of resources and supports.
32 Similarly, the educational philosophy at Muir College stresses individual choice and development.
33 The decision to grow a crop for a specialty market is an individual choice .
34 This is because the casing of the unit has been left to individual choice .
35 It was a great misallocation of resources spurred by government policy and individual choices .
36 To Schaeffer's way of thinking, individual choice is never an issue.