individual item

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1 Each individual item of information is manually input.
2 Inventory levels for individual items were erratic and varied greatly.
3 Responses to the individual items are scored.
4 Checkout goes beyond simple support for buying individual items .
5 SuperMemo converts individual items to portions of HTML file.
6 Individual items may also be under a particular publication embargo.
7 Our policy is included with each individual item that we list.
8 Having their contents organized in groups rather than individual items .
9 His work in this area comprises around 380 individual items .
10 Individual items can be made to measure.
11 The sweep included checking individual items like purses and hoodies.
12 Collect both individual items as well as sets within each Archive.
13 Individual item details include available colors , sizes, and inventory levels.
14 In short PBL buys outcomes not individual items or transactions.
15 Precise representation of the quantity of individual items .
16 The individual items of the two variants can be mixed together.
17 Because of their flimsy nature such ephemera rarely survive as individual items .
18 In large transactions vendors may also negotiate a lower limit for individual items .
19 The fastest way to generate individual items is to use incremental reading tools.
20 The above computation pertains to an individual item at a single ability interval.
21 He (LBJ) kept his finger on the individual items .
22 Materials should be considered as bulk quantities, as contrasted to individual items .
23 Acquisition cost: The total purchased price for an individual item or system.
24 Provide information for the user indicating the approval state of the individual items .
25 No individual items will be offered or available for loan or public sale.
26 This will ensure that the individual items in your TOC appear properly.
27 Within the file, information on individual items is grouped together into RECORDS.
28 This individual file object can be queried for specific information about the individual item .
29 The app still has individual item pages , which provides users with one-click purchasing.
30 Retail mark-up on individual items is not restricted and will vary at each base.
31 The linear bar code provides item identification and document control information for individual items and shipments.
32 They 're essentially individual items .
33 The simple explanation is that calculated columns don't update until the individual item is updated.
34 For example, you can sign individual items or multiple items of an XML document.
35 The section page consists of individual items , each of which has its own detail page.
36 As far as individual items are concerned, do not lump too many work items together.
37 Then make sure the individual items are as close together as possible on the pallet.
38 Individual items might accordingly vary from those laid down by regulation or be of obsolete pattern.
39 The Hints will help you with individual items at the top of the site.
40 Also, the superior parietal cortex is activated for individual items that have been encountered previously.