individual response

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1 Individual response factors were calculated for each fatty acid.
2 All individual responses will be kept confidential.
3 As for individual responses , government officials had mixed feelings.
4 How changes in diet can affect individual's response ?
5 Individual responses to questions are kept confidential , the military said.
6 We are looking for individual responses to problem-solving and personality development.
7 Although covert, sabotage is not necessarily just an individual response .
8 Patterns of behavior involve individuals' responses to others' assertions.
9 However, the number of individual responses in each category was low.
10 The combination could help tailor treatment to a patient 's individual response .
11 The committee also reviewed individual responses .
12 The administrator recorded individuals' responses .
13 This type of individual response is what makes treating thyroid disease so challenging.
14 Individual responses will be kept confidential.
15 Each track containing the recording of the tape's program and individual responses .
16 We will not be able to trace individual responses back to you.
17 Significant differences between countries are indicated for distribution of summary variable rather than individual responses .
18 Individual response agencies previously developed their protocols separately, and subsequently developed their terminology separately.
19 Individual responses for each of the demographic variables were aggregated to obtain block-level measures.
20 Individual responses to Myers' presence, however, were grounded in cultural differences.
21 However, the evaluator has no way of verifying the individual's response .
22 Pioneering poetry on themes of globalisation and individual's response to the same.
23 It emphasises policies with a financial cycle perspective, not individual responses to isolated shocks.
24 Accordingly, we lump together the group and individual responses in the analyses reported below.
25 Furthermore, patients differ considerably in their individual response to the same type of treatment.
26 Some spectacular individual responses have been documented, but no statistically significant improvement has been shown.
27 Therefore, these individual responses become internalized and function according to the appropriate gender-role standards.
28 The effectiveness in subliminal messaging has been demonstrated to prime individual responses and stimulate mild emotional activity.
29 He or she might decide to write individual responses to these readers' comments and questions.
30 It suggests that the bonding is the individual's response to trauma in becoming a victim.
31 Results came to show that the individuals responses came to match the probability of the outcomes.
32 The deadline for both official and individual responses to this new ACD is March 2nd.
33 There were 888 individual responses made to 11 different questions, although not every respondent answered every question.
34 Individual response to the altered conditions was, as might be expected, conditioned by conventional morality.
35 The effect of doing more work or adding extra lexicographers will be to degrade individual response times.
36 Unless otherwise noted, answers provided by responders are confidential and individual responses will be not improperly disclosed.
37 Commanders need to allow soldiers to choose their own clothing combinations based on the soldier's individual responses .
38 Factors that affect each dog's individual response to pain include age, gender, and health status.
39 Alcohol consumption has substantial, measurable effects on working memory, though these effects vary greatly between individual responses .
40 Because pain perception involves overlapping sensory systems and an emotional component, individual responses to identical stimuli are variable.