individual variation

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1 Individual Variation – many traits within populations are variable.
2 Can see individual variations which undermines stereotypes.
3 Individual variation to protect every being against diseases and infections.
4 There is considerable individual variation with regard to insulin requirement.
5 But here one may also expect a degree of individual variation .
6 Species and individual variation in fawn distress calls.
7 These differences may be due to sexual dimorphism or individual variation .
8 But there are considerable individual variations .
9 Notably, both strains can show considerable individual variation from this general description.
10 What does Darwin think are the causes of individual variation in a population?
11 This suggests that individual variations in physiology and metabolism must be an important factor.
12 Due to individual variation , a personalized exercise program specific for adrenal recovery is best.
13 Individual variation in the production and survival of F cells in sickle-cell disease.
14 The number of individual variations is enormous, with each group providing its own distinctive interpretation.
15 Studies have also indicated individual variation in temperament, such as sociability or impulsiveness.
16 There is also significant individual variation , although a given person tends to have consistent rhythms.
17 There were individual variations but the style of ... the modern piano came from Earl Hines.
18 Above the threshold, personality differences are believed to be important determinants of individual variation in creativity.
19 But the individual variations in the patterns of disease are less widely unpredictable than those of recovery.
20 Sweat gland activity, temperature, and individual variation also influence the voltage-current characteristic of skin.
21 There can be significant individual variation , based on a patient's individual dental and medical history.
22 A fundamental challenge for current research on speech science and technology is understanding individual variation in spoken language.
23 Some historians have suggested that Wallace was actually discussing group selection rather than selection acting on individual variation .
24 Because of tremendous individual variation , the use of nutritionals should therefore be personalized for your body.
25 It is well known that Muslims, Jews and Christians have significant individual variations in their beliefs.
26 Horses shake their heads to dislodge flies, and there is great individual variation in this normal behavior.
27 Unlike the other measurements where there is mostly individual variation , the bill length might distinctly vary between subspecies.
28 Individual variations are great.
29 There is individual variation .
30 Historical research suggests that there has always a been a great deal of individual variation in methods of discipline.
31 Red-footed tortoises show gender, regional and individual variations in color, shell shape, and minor anatomic characteristics.
32 The difference in baselines between these two groups results from the large degree of individual variation in salivary secretion.
33 Individual variations in rate of cognitive decline may therefore be explained in terms of people having different lengths of life.
34 Individual variation among group members plays a key role in the dynamic of how willing people will be to conform.
35 The facial disc may be reddish, brown or gray in color, showing considerable geographic, racial and individual variation .
36 Individual variation in terms of formulating policy, assessment, intervention and training seemed to be more obvious than the similarities.
37 They are assigned to the same species because all the differences in the limb proportions have been linked to individual variation .
38 These individual variations are known as allographs of a grapheme (compare with the term allophone used in linguistic study).
39 Also based on the twin design, the new study estimated that genetic differences accounted for approximately 20% of individual variations .
40 The few laboratory-based analyses have not found significant amounts of individual variation in aggression explicable by genetic variation in the human population.