initial research

Still searching...
1 The initial research was based around small poorly designed trials.
2 The initial research is pursued in two directions.
3 His initial research focused on animal models of acute lung injury.
4 We administer our initial research questionnaire at enrollment.
5 Surveyors carry out initial research to establish translation needs.
6 From there, the project entered an initial research phase.
7 Some searches were expanded if results from the initial research were meager.
8 Initial research indicates that ZFS protects data better than earlier efforts.
9 Initial research shows that both conditions appear to be inheritable.
10 His initial research was in improving the performance of long-distance telephone lines.
11 Initial research on approaches that use medication and behavioural strategies is encouraging.
12 Initial research into the effectiveness of the various alerting methods is sparse.
13 There is an initial research hypothesis of which the truth is unknown.
14 Initial research shows that results from these two groups are almost identical .