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1 A key element of crisis control is establishing emergency safety procedures.
2 Sustainable materials are key elements of green buildings.
3 Another key element is the teacher training program.
4 The following includes key elements of those regulations.
5 The key elements are instead discretion and significant effects.
6 Responsibility is also another key element every child should learn.
7 A key element is " access to justice".
8 Guardian and aggressive sounds were key elements .
9 A DA usually has four key elements .
10 We narrowed in on three key elements .
11 Increased competition is the other key element .
12 Key elements of this training process are discussed below.
13 Language and characterization are other key elements .
14 A key element is ease of use.
15 What are the key elements in producer – distributor cooperation?
16 Human resource planning is a key element in human resource management.
17 They are key elements of the system acquisition approval process.
18 Organized rides are a key element of many groups.
19 Two other key elements were within our cash flow.
20 Some key elements are evident at this early stage.
21 It is composed of two key elements .
22 A key element of the language is objects.
23 The two key elements are space and timing.
24 Communication is a key element of negotiation.
25 Service is a key element in building strong relationships.
26 We consider agency and autonomy key elements of ownership.
27 The project director provides leadership by assembling these key elements .
28 The key element in any documentary film production is access.
29 And no city or nonprofit services provided those key elements .
30 A key element in creating this environment is flexible labor markets.
31 They outlined key elements of future NASA policy.
32 I've outlined the key elements below.
33 Governance is another key element of CSR.
34 Prioritizing responsibilities is another key element of successful college admissions .
35 Lead students through discussion of the key elements for each part.
36 The key element of that standard was a decent house.
37 Plants are a key element of a balanced pond ecosystem.
38 The diagram below outlines the key elements of his classification.
39 Many NLP techniques incorporate visualization as a key element .
40 Key elements will be convenience and content.