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1 But solving such equations was extremely laborious .
2 Its technical requirements are somewhat laborious and specialized training is required.
3 Rice farming at 1000 meters highland is very laborious .
4 Full epidemiological studies are expensive and laborious undertakings.
5 It was a laborious process that took several weeks.
6 This laborious process is all carried out electronically.
7 Men hunt in long, laborious tracking excursions.
8 The laborious process was demonstrated for us.
9 This making an unpleasant and laborious task a lot easier.
10 The best but most laborious method for producing sparkling wine.
11 History and exact science he must learn by laborious reading.
12 Breaking rock in mines and quarries was a very laborious .
13 Recovery sounds laborious , is there a short cut?
14 But it proved a very long and laborious undertaking.
15 Waste materials may be contaminated or laborious to separate.
16 Her breathing was laborious and through her mouth only.
17 The tab interface gets laborious for me at times.
18 A slow, laborious motion or movement. 11.
19 This approach proved to be laborious and inconsistent.
20 It 's a laborious and detailed task.
21 If this sounds laborious , it is.
22 The courtier should never appear studied and laborious .
23 The fan had to be put last, which was laborious .
24 The duties of the engineer are important, and often laborious .
25 Isn't that a laborious kin of throwing those licensed pounds.
26 The search was begun by a laborious method on 29 July.
27 But this was still quite laborious , not to mention heavy.
28 Today's techniques for DNA sequencing are comparatively laborious and indirect.
29 Only in laborious manual labour the works were to be mastered.
30 Canada continues its long and laborious recovery over its recession.
31 It is work , and often repetitive, laborious routines.
32 Were the hours spent on this laborious task worth it?
33 Teams find it extremely laborious to pass in any direction.
34 The calculations themselves, however, were extremely laborious and time-consuming.
35 It proves to be a frustrating and laborious task.
36 Well, comedy shouldn't come off as laborious .
37 The development of such a policy required many years of laborious negotiations.
38 It combines chance procedures, plotted perspective studies, and laborious craftsmanship.
39 The bookmaking process was long and laborious .
40 Garhwali ladies are therefore very laborious working right from dawn to dusk.