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1 The rifles were assembled centrally using mainly female labour .
2 The insured portion includes basic fixed labour pension.
3 The labour market has materially changed since 2008.
4 They were employed under forced labour conditions.
5 All private enterprises using hired labour were abolished.
6 Other labour laws involve safety concerning workers.
7 But labour market inclusion is not enough.
8 The labour market was key in building inclusion.
9 How long a labour is too long?
10 Labour loses final bid to curb donations.
11 The skilled labour market has also increased.
12 Labour urges consumer watchdog for rail users.
13 Several decisions were particularly objectionable to organized labour .
14 There is nearly always a labour shortage.
15 No problems during the labour where identified.
16 Fully trained construction labour and scientific support.
17 The division of labour is clear among actors.
18 The inmates were used as slave labour .
19 An allowance has been made for extra labour .
20 Further analysis reveals additional gender differences in labour market activity.
21 Organization involves fixing responsibilities through division of labour .
22 Her technical means for saving labour are colossal.
23 The rest received sentences in labour camps.
24 Labour disputes were suddenly discussed with great vigour.
25 Zambia has strict laws against trafficking and child labour .
26 The social conditions were nevertheless such that labour disputes arose.
27 Evidence of continuing bonded child labour continue.
28 Are standing orders applicable to contract labour ?
29 Can we engage 100% contract labour ?
30 He was sentenced to 6 months hard labour .
31 Child labour has been found in family debt bonded situations.
32 There were considerable economic grounds for labour unrest.
33 A life cycle model of female labour supply.
34 A long labour strike affected programming in 1976.
35 He was sentenced to 14 days hard labour .
36 The objective of child trafficking is often forced child labour .
37 It provided slave labour to local industry.
38 Moreover skilled labour was hard to find.
39 The sexual division of labour remains intact.
40 The early labour movement was much broader than trade unions.