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1 The agricultural labourers themselves were not asked.
2 Only 29% classed themselves as labourers .
3 The local workers were likely employed as common labourers .
4 And jeans were originally made for manual labourers .
5 The selection favours athletes over unseen labourers .
6 The monument required approximately 22,000 labourers during construction.
7 They were partly women, partly forced labourers .
8 Then there are five boarding houses where the unmarried labourers live.
9 The farmers and farm labourers grow fewer in number.
10 Women were crying and some labourers were crying too.
11 Near the docks the inhabitants were poor dock labourers .
12 Coal miners usually earned more than farm or common labourers .
13 Canadians were generally suspicious of these immigrant labourers .
14 There were 59 fatalities including a number of forced labourers .
15 They were workers and agricultural labourers engaged in service professions.
16 Therefore a lot of forced labourers were used.
17 It had the power to displace many labourers .
18 Agricultural labourers constitute 42% of the total labour class.
19 Many emigrate abroad to earn livelihoods as labourers .
20 Polish slave labourers naturally were forbidden to engage in marriage.
21 Most were unskilled and worked as casual labourers .
22 Farming tools were scarce and the convicts were unwilling farm labourers .
23 Large numbers were forced into tenancy or became agricultural labourers .
24 An estimated 5,000 slave labourers died during the construction.
25 By 1830, over 3000 labourers had been transported.
26 After the war started, slave labourers were extensively used.
27 Most workers are relatively unspecialized farm labourers .
28 Farm labourers were being sacked as farmers started to use machinery.
29 The African labourers do not stay long enough.
30 Owners of farms had relatively easier access to food than labourers .
31 The "new people" were treated as forced labourers .
32 This attracted a large influx of Chinese migrant labourers .
33 The women labourers were surprisingly important to the canal's engineering.
34 Many of them worked as tin mining labourers .
35 It should be extended to farm labourers also .
36 The old in particular are vulnerable to pressure from casual labourers .
37 The Hungarian authorities demanded labourers from the local council.
38 Officially, Japan accepts no unskilled foreign labourers .
39 Most working people are 'wage labourers '.
40 The labourers , he explained, were bad men.