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1 Calcium deposits are present where more limestone is exposed.
2 The mountains contain many jagged limestone peaks.
3 The weakly acidic water can slowly dissolve limestone .
4 The "engineered" limestone blocks were poured in molds.
5 The path leads along limestone walls thick with vegetation.
6 Some limestone layers are hundreds of feet thick.
7 The entrance is reached by three limestone steps.
8 They are usually located in mountainous limestone regions.
9 The primary rock under the park is limestone .
10 The basin contained limestone and river deposited sand.
11 The soil is quite thin over limestone bedrock.
12 The flowing water dissolves limestone into calcium carbonate.
13 The pyramid was encased in white limestone .
14 The casing was made of nearly white limestone .
15 All reliefs were made of finely polished limestone .
16 The river valleys are laid with limestone .
17 A limestone cliff runs through the city.
18 Their shells created thick deposits of limestone .
19 A handsome gothic limestone building was dedicated in 1928.
20 Some limestone is made entirely of fossil shells.
21 This process dissolves limestone , yielding open cavities.
22 Ground water in limestone gives rise to engineering problems.
23 This species is beautifully preserved in limestone in full relief.
24 A beautiful species preserved in an impure limestone .
25 This mixes wet limestone with the hot gases.
26 This filler material is usually composed of sand and limestone .
27 Quality oak furniture and limestone flooring throughout enhance the attractive decor.
28 This bedding down of layers makes limestone a sedimentary rock.
29 It was constructed with walls of solid limestone .
30 It was built from well finished limestone blocks.
31 Such rivers are frequently found in regions with limestone geologic formations.
32 The whole palace was built by white marbles and limestone tablets.
33 The west barracks was built in 1856 from native limestone .
34 The steel pillars supporting the viaduct are filled with limestone .
35 The tomb is carved from the solid limestone bedrock.
36 Only the limestone facade and lobby area were spared.
37 Many landmarks across the world are made of limestone .
38 Small limestone huts with roofs build of pine bark.
39 It is known from peat and limestone substrates.
40 Iron ore and limestone are identified as potential mining resources.