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1 Independent affinity groups did lockdowns on the smaller roads.
2 I read they were doing similar local lockdowns out West.
3 Check all the lockdowns and try another exposure.
4 The Department of Corrections will discontinue one-day modified lockdowns at all eight major prisons.
5 It seemed appropriate that Ianni would score in a match marked by defensive lockdowns .
6 Lockdowns at University Avenue hospitals and the Toronto Eaton Centre were also lifted.
7 A combination of heavy snow and strong winds led to massive transportation lockdowns across the city.
8 But the facility still operates over capacity and is subject to violence that leads to lengthy lockdowns .
9 The list of countries that have been reported to have initiated internet lockdowns is a long one.
10 The students were scared, but they remembered what they had learned from the past drills and lockdowns .
11 Glynn believes in more lockdowns and shakedowns to stop the traffic while McManus believes more in addiction treatment.
12 The Prison Law Office website notes recent mission changes include reducing the number of the offenders and decreasing lockdowns .
13 If that were the case , then piracy incidence would rise with increased publisher lockdowns or more restrictive copyright terms.
14 Granite Hills High School went into morning lockdowns to prevent students from coming into contact with marchers from the neighboring school.
15 Other initiatives in place or under consideration include the use of campus lockdowns , increasing security personnel, student profiling, and allowing students, faculty, and staff to carry concealed firearms on campus (Fox, 2008).
16 The Republican Prisoners' Action Group pointed out that no Republican prisoner has ever been found to be in possession of drugs, adding that the proposed changes to the current policy on controlled movement of prisoners were "negligible" and that excessive lockdowns were set to continue.
17 Unintended Consequences of Security Lockdowns (uses Sysinternals utilities a lot) Security-conscious organizations often lock down their systems based on prescriptive guidance from Microsoft, US Federal government agencies or other security organizations.
18 Lockdowns and lock-ons are a way to stop movement of an object, like a structure or tree and to thwart movement of actual protesters from the location.
19 Never, they said, did they think that the marital discord would result in Gellatly's being charged with his wife's slaying, the sixth domestic homicide of the year in Connecticut, which touched off a six-hour police manhunt up and down the East Coast and school and office lockdowns throughout the state.
20 In addition, frequent and lengthy prison " lockdowns " can make it difficult for inmates to receive a consistent substance abuse program and to complete all the necessary components.
21 Police captured Tsarnaev on Friday night to cap a violent week of blasts, shootouts, lockdowns and one of the largest manhunts in U.S. history.
22 His life in Furnace is a rollercoaster of emotions, events and encounters: the routine which involves hard labor, lockdowns and disgusting food, the shady, dark figure of the Warden who no one can look in the eyes, the skinless, mutant hounds that can chew you alive, the sadistic guards in black suits, the nightmarish creatures called 'wheezers' that wear gas masks and can take kids away at night, vicious gangs and their lust for power and fights but also his friendship with Donovan and Zee.
23 To prevent drugs from moving within Oz, Glynn is a fan of week-long lockdowns as a means of keeping the inmates from moving drugs within Oz.
24 Because of budget cuts and the introduction of male wards at Ventura, nearly all programs for females have been cut, including basic education because of constant lockdowns from conduct in the male units.
25 During lockdowns , wards are allowed showers three times a week, but are allowed no time to attend school, exercise or interact with mental health professionals.
26 A spokesman for Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's prisons department said lengthy lockdowns at DJJ facilities were no longer used as punishment, but were sometimes necessary to maintain order.
27 Further, there is a high level of distrust between management and staff, where operational practices have served to cause staff to withdraw from interaction with prisoners, compounding into excessive lockdowns (particularly of maximum security rated prisoners) and, overall, to apply what can only be described as little more than containment policy across the prison as a whole.
28 These lockdowns were primarily put in place in order to prevent the leakage of cell phone videos that contained images of the violent government crackdown on protesters.
29 In San Quentin State Prison, the violence rates were still high in the 1980s despite the similar lockdowns and procedures of Pelican Bay because these prisoners use the small windows out of lockdown to either harm themselves or others.
30 Hollywood police catch man who escaped from patrol car Lockdowns lifted at two schools A domestic violence suspect who escaped from the back seat of a patrol car in Hollywood was quickly caught Tuesday , police said.
31 Caven -- who said that moving some programming off-site or building a facility for only women could help some of the issues -- said daily scheduled programming in classrooms and recreation time also allow the inmates to avoid constant lockdowns to ease potential tensions .
32 A medical receptionist mistook the famous line ' shooting some b-ball outside of the school' for 'shooting people outside of the school' on a teen patient's voicemail message, prompting county-wide school lockdowns .
33 Lockdowns previous torrent site was closed after he was found out running a charity scam..
34 City of Pembroke Pines Police Capt. Dan Rakofsky said authorities came to the decision to lift the lockdowns after further investigation into a threat sent to a radio station mentioning a mass shooting. ...
35 (And by the way, how is that urbanization program going to square with the virtual lockdowns of the native and restive populations of Tibet and Xinjiang , which constitute a big chunk of the country?)
36 These features put the PERS industry into a different wander management arena from pet and teen trackers or door lockdowns to prevent 'elopement.'13
37 24-hour lockdowns
38 [ Note from Jodie: The US federal government announced that prison lockdowns may become more common simply to deal with the spending cuts, but this lockdown was likely the result of a prison employee being killed in another state, which results in lockdowns at all federal facilities.
39 [ Note from Jodie: The US federal government announced that prison lockdowns may become more common simply to deal with the spending cuts, but this lockdown was likely the result of a prison employee being killed in another state, which results in lockdowns at all federal facilities.
40 ) One of the selling points employed by advocates of voucher programs has been the potential of something like real competition – the facilitation of financially practicable parental choice with regard to the education of their offspring – would have an improving effect on the penitentiary lockdowns ("Don't you dare nibble that Pop-Tart into the shape of a handgun, little boy!