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1 I believe everything published was very logical .
2 Strategic thinking depends especially heavily upon logical reasoning.
3 I believe everything said was very logical .
4 I believe everything typed was actually very logical .
5 The expressions are evaluated against logical values.
6 The different logical responses are called "scenarios".
7 This game improves logical thinking & aptitude .
8 These things were extremely logical and humanistic.
9 Neither argument is totally logical or valid.
10 The workflow involves less clicks and is more logical .
11 The comparison operators and logical operators are applied next.
12 And never forget that men are always logical .
13 Each server can access many logical volumes simultaneously.
14 Allow direct logical manipulation of chosen libraries.
15 An outline reflects logical thinking and correct classification.
16 This interface defines a logical serial port connection.
17 It may cause logical errors in program.
18 This instruction always performs a logical shift right operation.
19 I think everything composed was actually very logical .
20 That is actually a fairly logical solution.
21 Political systems are built on logical assumptions.
22 But logical possibility and empirical possibility are different things.
23 A logical connection between programs running on different hosts is encrypted.
24 Develop solutions using logical analyses of facts.
25 Great shot placement and rationale was perfectly logical .
26 Direct appeals using logical arguments and evidence.
27 Building logical arguments are part of everyday life.
28 The seventh bucket contains 54 commonly used mathematical and logical symbols.
29 It supports 256 logical processors and virtually unlimited memory.
30 The theory of archaeological excavation is relatively logical .
31 The arrows are intended to represent logical dependency.
32 Design is never an isolated logical process.
33 The logical data model captures the detailed business solution.
34 This argument has many features of logical debate.
35 These techniques emphasize logical organization of operations.
36 The model groups communication functions into seven logical layers.
37 Dewey sees paradox in contemporary logical theory.
38 Occasionally other logical connective symbols are included.
39 All behaviour makes sense within its own logical system .
40 The federal government is the logical sponsor .