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1 The main elements are attention and reward.
2 The bunker consisted of three main elements .
3 Strength is the main element of virtue.
4 It was suggested that courses should consist of three main elements .
5 The main element of the tort is "interference".
6 Structural change within RX involved two main elements .
7 The main element is a canal shaped like a double cross.
8 The main elements associated with the uranium are gold and silver.
9 There are two main elements to this.
10 An 'audit' has two main elements .
11 International business management processes, the main elements of them.
12 Adenauer's programme as Chancellor had several main elements .
13 Melody is always, in some sense, the main element .
14 A main element of the papal army was the Swiss Guard.
15 Sometimes the text even became the main element in their compositions.
16 The main elements of a free-electron laser.
17 The beauty of structural formation is the main element of this charm.
18 The present article sets out the main elements associated with this term.
19 Enhancing the Toronto terms, the plan contained four main elements .
20 The two main elements in the birth myth are birth and agriculture.
21 The main elements of an editorial system were still to be tackled.
22 Newsletters - The main element when designing a newsletter is consistency.
23 There are three main elements to consider when designing a microarray experiment.
24 The main elements of international economy.
25 Map information has two main elements .
26 The striatum is the main element of the basal ganglia system.
27 Are these the two main elements of the debate so far ?
28 Livestock products are the main element of the UK's agricultural output.
29 The olive was one of the main elements in ancient Israelite cuisine.
30 Main elements of a cash budget the main elements of a cash.
31 Main elements of a cash budget the main elements of a cash.
32 The Resistance had two main elements .
33 The strategy should have two main elements : direction setting and policy packages.