major factor

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1 A major factor here is that pupils enjoy finding information.
2 One major factor is the overall heat transfer area.
3 This environment is characterized by three major factors .
4 Smoking is probably the major factor causing heart disease.
5 Two major factors contribute to overall liking.
6 Work pressures are often a major factor .
7 Another major factor is our economic situation.
8 GS is a major factor contributing to cancer.
9 This is a major factor in upholding legal security.
10 Trust is a major factor in social media.
11 Alcohol is a major factor in fatal automobile crashes.
12 It is a major factor in ranking social media sites.
13 Investor desire for portfolio diversification is a major factor .
14 Social adaptation and five major factors of personality.
15 Increasing harvest costs are becoming a major factor in avocado production.
16 Server latency is a major factor that affects crawl performance.
17 Price competition is a major factor in auditor independence.
18 Two major factors have shaped these changes.
19 Expert testimony disputed whether the winds were a major factor .
20 Two major factors led to this decision.
21 Their weakness is explained by two major factors .
22 This was due to two major factors .
23 Competition is a major factor in education.
24 Lack of food was a major factor .
25 And carbon dioxide is a major factor in global warming.
26 The unions say poverty is a major factor .
27 A major factor in team unity is derived from respect.
28 The third major factor in test weight variations is the environment.
29 Harvest moisture is the next major factor in test weight variation.
30 Alcohol is a major factor in auto accidents.
31 Additionally, cost was a major factor .
32 Three major factors contributed to Spanish victory.
33 After it, price is another major factor .
34 Laura's story was the major factor .
35 YES, bad parenting is a major factor .
36 Two major factors affecting population growth are fertility rates and mortality rates.
37 Eolian processes are major factors in shaping desert landscapes.
38 The other major factor currently affecting markets is deleveraging.
39 It also is a major factor in obesity.
40 The geology of Florida is a major factor .