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1 It was common opinion that maniacs often had very blue eyes.
2 The same applies to the word " maniac ".
3 They drive like maniacs and totally without discipline.
4 These speakers are related to the pocket maniacs .
5 They are maniac drivers in the extreme!
6 There's this thing called sex maniacs .
7 They thought Michael was an ego maniac .
8 We naturally drove like maniacs right to the party.
9 During this period, maniac dances also were choreographed.
10 Behind every maniac , there might be several.
11 Maniac might know more about this matter.
12 It was also written by a maniac .
13 The maniac raises an eyebrow at that.
14 The occupant of the stolen car was driving like a maniac .
15 Time to push back , before the maniac goes nuclear.
16 I have not detected a nation full of suicidal maniacs .
17 I don't mean turn into a screaming maniac .
18 It didn't stop us from cheering like maniacs .
19 Savage exits the car and shoots at the maniac .
20 The Miami Maniac is the mascot for baseball games.
21 History is littered with the corpses of these maniacs .
22 A maniac shoots a dozen people in DC ?
23 Do you drive your car like a maniac ?
24 He was an American guy, a maniac .
25 Let 's get rid of this maniac .
26 It 's smarter than your average Maniac .
27 Being a "Bible-quoting maniac " proves nothing.
28 A natural sportsman, he is a complete fishing maniac .
29 Why did I let the Maniac get the judgement position again?
30 As if he wasn't a maniac keeping me prisoner here.
31 Its men hunted this maniac ; and failed to find him.
32 Example My uncle Pedro pretended to drive like a maniac .
33 Yet there are Liberal members to cheer on the maniac .
34 So get the hell off Facebook chat , you maniac !
35 I think the maniac in front was American, too.
36 All but the maniac obeyed the gun ban that day .
37 He was a maniac and a clown rolled into one.
38 They are all maniacs here; all but me.
39 You've worked like a maniac day and night.
40 Jesus, how far would the maniac push him?