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1 I 've heard someone say that they would " mansplain " something manly – jock itch, beard hair – to me.
2 I actually hoped just to mansplain my interpretation of them, and let you nudge (or wallop) me back into line.
3 Dude , this is starting to look like that routine Bill Hicks did about Jack Palance, except you've thrown the word " mansplain " to the ground instead of a gun... Anyway, you would think that if thoughtful people like Amy Davidson - or other people in this thread - were saying stuff like "Geez, that awards show was really degrading towards women, and that's wrong" more people would take the issue seriously.
4 The term ' mansplain ' has helped us women who endure sexism in all its forms to find a singular, easy, even fun way of naming that thing.
5 With ' mansplain ,' feminist blogs have invented a term, one that's leaked out into the mainstream, that's exclusionary.
6 But even if there were a six-word answer for what a ' mansplainer' is, or how one can ' mansplain ,' there are still a variety of issues with the term.
7 If the goal of feminism ( and, particularly, young feminists on the internet) is to create an inclusive conversation where we can get to the root of systematic behavior that suppresses the ability of women to succeed, then inventing our own terminology – or at least the word ' mansplain ' – has failed.
8 On Tuesday night , over the course of three hours, two different men asked me if I could defend the term ' mansplain .