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1 Nancy : Virilize, is that like masculinize ?
2 Local intracerebral implants of estrogen masculinize some aspects of the zebra finch song system.
3 At skeptical doses VALIUM can masculinize the anhydrous position the stressful jobs, although VALIUM is easier said than done.
4 What about the fears that testosterone will masculinize women by, for example, encouraging the growth of excess body hair?
5 My preliminary investigation suggests that in utero my brain did not masculinize properly; the default state of all brains is female.
6 Having said this, it is clear that prenatal androgens can both masculinize and defeminize juvenile and adult behaviors of rhesus monkeys.
7 Sex Smells- Human Pheromones Masculinize or Feminize New research reveals that people are able to detect person's gender based on smell.
8 This resistance is based on groundless fears that testosterone will somehow masculinize women, causing them to grow facial hair, become overly aggressive, and, in sum, look and behave too much like the stereotypical male.
9 She asserts that there is a tendency to masculinize the stories about "reproductive competition and sex between aggressive males and receptive females facilitate some and preclude other types of conclusions".
10 Early androgen treatment has been shown to masculinize and defeminize such vocalizations by shifting their features towards male-typical patterns and away from female-typical patterns.
11 Estradiol and testosterone, which is catalyzed by the enzyme 5α-reductase into dihydrotestosterone, act upon androgen receptors in the brain to masculinize it.
12 However, while both gibbons and hominids have reduced canine sexual dimorphism, female gibbons enlarge (' masculinize ') their canines so they can actively share in the defense of their home territory.
13 ' Does this masculinize and thus help to make them more credible as potential commanders-in-chief?
14 Macho Moms: Perchlorate pollutant masculinizes fish: Science News Online, Aug. 12, 2006