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1 Every continent except Antarctica had a megafauna until modern humans arrived.
2 Some argue that natural climate change killed the megafauna .
3 Rare megafaunas sometimes appear vicinity to the lake.
4 The Pleistocene megafauna died out around 11,000 years ago.
5 Until modern humans arrived, every continent except Antarctica possessed a megafauna .
6 Understanding impacts of fisheries bycatch on marine megafauna .
7 The Holocene extinction drastically reduced numbers and distribution of megafauna .
8 The European megafauna of today is much reduced from its former splendour.
9 Ausralian megafauna died out in large part due to these facts .
10 Terrestrial megafauna is what fed and feeds inland condors.
11 Once herbivorous megafauna species became extinct, carnivorous megafauna species soon followed.
12 Once herbivorous megafauna species became extinct, carnivorous megafauna species soon followed.
13 The area is also known to have supported vast populations of Australian megafauna .
14 Dire wolves were not specialized hunters–they fed on whatever megafauna was abundant.
15 Horses were locally extirpated during these end-Pleistocene megafauna extinctions.
16 Paleoindians were hunter-gathers that roamed in bands and frequently hunted megafauna .
17 Several chapters are dedicated to megafauna , which Weisman predicts would proliferate.
18 You aren't doing anything with charismatic megafauna ; your focus is on invertebrates.
19 Many of these characteristics were needed to fight off and prey on larger megafauna .
20 At the start of the Holocene, the megafauna all became extinct.
21 It likely coevolved with extinct megafauna .
22 Timelines with ancient megafauna are reached .
23 The Wellington Caves contain megafauna fossils from 4 Mya to 30,000 years old.
24 Tigers are among the most recognisable and popular of the world's charismatic megafauna .
25 The lost Australian megafauna looks like a science fiction film directed by an acid casualty.
26 The extinction of the megafauna could have caused the disappearance of the mammoth steppe.
27 In fact, these megafauna were probably responsible for creating roughly 20% of atmospheric methane.
28 The term " megafauna " is usually applied to large animals (over 100 kg).
29 Rewilding Megafauna : Lions and Camels in North America?
30 Yellowstone is widely considered to be the finest megafauna wildlife habitat in the lower 48 states.
31 Marine Megafauna Aerial Assessment Surveys (study S1) has not been triggered.
32 It became extinct about the same time as the rest of the glacial age megafauna .
33 This represented only the second example of megafauna depicted by the Indigenous inhabitants of Australia.
34 For instance, there are ambiguities around the timing of sudden extinctions of Australian megafauna .
35 Approximately 10,000 years ago the dire wolf became extinct along with most other North American megafauna .
36 Previously, other megafauna like the Panthera hybrids and the Giant Eland were present.
37 The aim of Siberian Pleistocene rewilding is to recreate the ancient mammoth steppe by reintroducing megafauna .
38 Central to this question is a determination of how long humans and the megafauna species coexisted.
39 Furthermore, the coexistence of Aboriginal populations with the megafauna tends to contradict the overkill hypothesis.
40 The Pleistocene megafauna is just as interesting, and our ancestors knew it and fought it.