0.17 hits per million
1 Ai's first microblog post said: "Testing.
2 On Nov. 22 , He's microblog was deleted.
3 The central bank announced its move on its microblog late on Thursday .
4 Kong hosts a talk show program and his microblog has a large following.
5 After all , Twitter is a 140-character microblog .
6 However , co-founder Li Yapeng disputed the report via his microblog .
7 Some folks are just more tuned in to comment in a microblog capacity .
8 It made the announcement on its official Sina Weibo microblog .
9 There were postings on popular Chinese microblogs , but they were swiftly taken down.
10 Additionally, My Sites contain the new Microblog and Newsfeeds features.
11 Begun in March 2009, In Brief is NPI's microblog .
12 Finally , please pay attention to see help, and attention to our microblog .
13 Steve alerted me to twitter ,a microblog site that can be easily updated.
14 If you microblog like on Twitter or Facebook , that counts, too!
15 So I've started a separate microblog on Tumblr to just post these examples.
16 When you post for a microblog you jot down, announce and make note.
17 The postings were combined with graphics , attracting over a million followers on Sina microblogs .
18 Even in China , despite extreme monitoring and censorship, microblog platforms have precipitated major scandals.
19 Billionaire William Ding 's Netease is a gaming giant with yet another microblog entrant.
20 CNTV microblog 's iPhone version will recording and sharing your every day life and wonderful moments.
21 Photos that were posted on the social networking site Weibo microblog were deleted within a few minutes .
22 Analysts widely attributed a 9 percent decline in China's microblog users in 2013 to the crackdown.
23 In fact , I tend to get more comments on my microblog pages than my blog itself.
24 Twitter turns seven: how the microblog took over the internet and our lives Twitter is seven.
25 Information was released by "Pingan Beijing", Beijing Public Security Bureau's official microblog .
26 However , my brother told me that the descriptions mentioned in the microblog fitted those of my son.
27 The country 's Twitter-like microblog , Weibo, has 400 million users, according to the latest statistics.
28 Photos posted by CCTV on its microblog showed the area outside the arrivals exit empty and filled with smoke .
29 The scandal has incredulous residents one-upping each other on the country 's popular microblog service, Sina Weibo.
30 A post on the Beijing police microblog about high heels, one of its several warnings to female drivers.
31 Elevated highways were facing heavy congestion with some highway entrances closed and some river traffic halted , the microblog said.
32 By the way , the singer was so angry that he removed Yundi from his microblog's friends list.
33 That won't be a good thing for sites like LiveJournal, Tumblr and other microblog sort of things.
34 Shortly after the filming of the show on Friday, Polonsky wrote about the incident in his Twitter microblog .
35 Some of those followers took to the social media microblog to ask the Mojang cofounder about the Microsoft acquisition rumors.
36 Othar's Twitter was ostensibly a microblog by Othar Tryggvassen that ran till 2010 and is continued from January 2014.
37 A microblog differs from a traditional blog in that its content is typically smaller in both actual and aggregate file size .
38 Also, in March, the government announced new rules requiring microblog users to register their accounts using their real names.
39 Order was quickly restored and no flights were affected by the explosion , state-run China Central Television said on its microblog .
40 Large numbers of sympathetic posts for Bo appeared in microblogs from Chongqing, and Dalian, where Bo was once mayor.