mood swings

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1 Her mood swings quite frighten me sometimes.
2 Her major mood swings are usually attributed to menopause.
3 It is characterized by severe mood swings .
4 The author 's mood swings are legendary.
5 Do you go through mood swings easily?
6 The mood swings can be very rapid.
7 Take note if your spouse has frequent mood swings .
8 I also have been having crazy mood swings .
9 Allowing for unpredictable mood swings and skill functioning.
10 It involves extreme mood swings that alternate between highs and lows.
11 T he markets have been experiencing severe mood swings .
12 Are mood swings common on the pill?
13 Within 2 weeks his mood swings lessened to almost none.
14 He is depressed and he suffers from mood swings .
15 Many women notice mood swings and weight changes after the menopause.
16 Blake was becoming tired of the stranger's mood swings .
17 Patients with bipolar I disorder can experience extreme mood swings .
18 And of course there were the mood swings .
19 DSM, curiously, includes mood swings and unstable interpersonal relationships.
20 The mood swings and meltdowns are unpredictable .
21 Like bipolar disorder, cyclothymia consists of cyclical mood swings .
22 Mood swings A quick change of moods is characteristic.
23 You could also experience dramatic mood swings and suffer long-term depression.
24 For one thing, the lake suffers from sudden mood swings .
25 And there are the mood swings and the fluctuating eating habits.
26 I feel like my mood swings ruin our time together.
27 Narino is a study in unpredictable mood swings .
28 These mood swings can be seductive and difficult to resist .
29 Where do the extreme moods swings come from?
30 The condition often results in sleeplessness, irritation and mood swings .
31 She said her daughter began having mood swings during her freshman year .
32 Meanwhile, her chronic state of starvation was triggering wild mood swings .
33 Sleepless nights and mood swings began to affect his marriage.
34 This can manifest itself with mood swings and impulsiveness.
35 Oscar suspects that Mia is pregnant because of her mood swings .
36 Period cramps, mood swings , a fight with a motorist.
37 Her mood swings are unreal too.
38 Most pregnant women find themselves getting distressed easily and have frequent mood swings .
39 Getting regular exercise can reduce bipolar disorder symptoms and help stabilize mood swings .
40 No one who could deal with my mood swings .