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1 This is a test of syntax and morphemic knowledge.
2 Some morphemic words can be both clitics and full words.
3 Clusters in general occur at morphemic boundaries.
4 It is already established that performance in such tasks is influenced by morphemic factors.
5 The ANLT is able to generate the syntactic information for any word whose morphemic roots are in the lexicon.
6 In English, the lack of a differentiated morphemic system in many areas places heavy constraints on word-order patterns.
7 In Czech, with its richer morphemic systems, word order can follow the functional sentence perspective much more faithfully.
8 It can be predicted that the morphemic nature of the Chinese and Japanese languages would lead Chinese and Japanese people to organize semantic knowledge more flexible then do alphabet languages speakers, and it is interesting to figure out, what is happening on the neurological level, when a non character user is learning a character language(ex.
9 If words were represented as fairly abstract morphemic forms a speech recognition system of the conventional matching type would have to derive these forms somehow from the acoustic input by the application of phonological rules in reverse.
10 Within the Chart there can be different types of path corresponding to different levels of abstraction (the y axis), each of which is associated with a particular knowledge source (i.e. acoustic-phonetic, phonemic, morphemic , syntactic, etc).
11 This phenomenon in literary language has complicated and evolving rules with many exceptions, depending on what these consonants are, in what morphemic position they meet and to what style of speech the word belongs.
12 The reason for this is that Semitic languages and the related Berber languages have a morphemic structure which makes the denotation of vowels redundant in most cases.
13 McLane states, "One could, of course, explore poetic turns at multiple levels: morphemic , lexical, phrasal, tropological, conceptual, structural, generic, transmedial.
14 It consists of many different language and grammatical functions, such as: features, segments (phonemes), syllabic structure (unit of pronunciation), phonological word forms (how sounds are grouped together), grammatical features, morphemic (prefixes and suffixes), and semantic information (the meaning of the words).
15 Interestingly, there is no temporal aspect to Timucua verbs – there is no past tense, no future tense, etc. Verbs have 13 morphemic slots, but it is rare to find a verb with all 13 filled, although those with 8 or 9 are frequently used.
16 SEE1 is occasionally referred to as Morphemic Sign System (MSS), and it has also been adapted in Poland into seeing essential Polish.
17 This conclusion does not disqualify the value in "learning" morphemic analysis - prefixes, suffixes and roots - but rather suggests that it be imparted incidentally and in context.
18 Morphemic instruction has been shown to produce positive outcomes for students reading and vocabulary knowledge, but context has proved unreliable as a strategy and it is no longer considered a useful strategy to teach students.
19 A common one is the "nasal system", in which is raised and tensed exclusively before nasals, regardless of whether there is a syllabic or morphemic boundary present.
20 In 1988, Wolfgang Gockel published a translation of the Palenque inscriptions based on a morphemic rather than syllabic interpretation of the glyphs.
21 The handling of this particular difficulty distinguishes morphemic proposals, which tend to spell such inflectional endings the same, from phonemic proposals that spell the endings according to their pronunciation.
22 This exception to the allophonic distribution may be an effect of the morphemic boundary or an example of "phonemicization", where erstwhile allophones undergo a split into separate phonemes.
23 Dr. Krauss assisted Leduey with proper Eyak phonological pronunciation and assigned further instruction in grammar and morphology–including morphemic analyses of traditional Eyak stories.
24 This method also prevents selection of the incorrect morphemic roots of the word (preached is found as a derivative of preach rather than ache) since the selection of the correct root form can be made with certainty at development time with the aid of dictionaries.
25 Having obtained the syntactic information for the morphemic constituents of the word, this information is combined to determine the syntactic information for the complete word.
26 In most registers, it is never written down; only dialectal transcriptions preserve it, the rest settling for a morphemic notation.
27 According to him the breakthrough came with the publication of the first volume of Joseph Greenberg's Eurasiatic work, which provided a massive list of possible morphemic correspondences that has proved fruitful to explore.
28 Thus, again the orthography uses only a single spelling that corresponds to the single morphemic form rather than to the surface phonological form.
29 As Potter (1980) points out, it is difficult to differentiate from analysis how far morphemic or graphic cueing has influenced the response to the end of a word.
30 There are nine morphemic slots within the "noun matrix":
31 (For another kind of morphemic separation see pinyin, below.)
32 Wolfgang Gockel's morphemic interpretation of the glyphs
33 " morphemic writing system", e.g. Egyptian, Sumerian, Maya, Chinese
34 "Very Sharp/Unsharp, Unpeace/Firm Peace: Morphemic Ambiguity in "Beowulf".
35 For example: the morphemic word / ʔel/, in, is both a full word in /qewelʔel/, in the house, and a proclitic in /ʔel-qewel/, which have the same meaning.
36 Morphemic instruction
37 Some morphemic constraints:
38 In some cases the derivation is concealed enough that it is no longer morphemic : "France" → "French" (or Frenchman/Frenchwoman) or "Flanders" → "Flemish" or "Wales" → "Welsh".
39 Morphemic pleonasm
40 This assertion has been disputed and the process for each country to look at the ISWA and create a phonemic/ morphemic assignment of features of each sign language was proposed by researchers Msc.