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1 But many need much more than outward necessities .
2 Suddenly intelligent rock journalism became a necessity .
3 The requisite necessity finding must be case specific.
4 Only urgent necessity should call her abroad.
5 Public utilities are examples of necessity goods.
6 These purchases are generally referenced as being " necessities ".
7 What has evolved from necessity later became fashion.
8 The above descriptions are by necessity simplified.
9 The necessity of eviction behavior is unclear.
10 This tradition had been born of necessity .
11 Can pretty much perform all necessities without much pain .
12 But reality and necessity are forcing change .
13 The basic necessity of water had finally become accessible .
14 The transformation reflects both necessity and design .
15 For such domains separate dictionaries may remain a necessity .
16 An alternative solution is clearly a necessity .
17 The objective necessity of actions from obligation is called duty.
18 Another finds himself forced by necessity to borrow money.
19 Maintaining this program is a political necessity .
20 All they possess are necessities which are easily replaced.
21 This means that obedience is something of necessity .
22 A certain restructuring of necessity must have followed.
23 It was an economic and political necessity .
24 What is the necessity of such functionality?
25 Many traditions emphasize the absolute necessity of fulfilling obligatory religious duties.
26 His other necessity in life was solitude.
27 A second pair of eyes is actually a necessity .
28 The 2008 go daddy necessity has been both dealt and affected.
29 An output routine for trees is a virtual necessity .
30 Its destruction must be required by military necessity .
31 There is no necessity to specify pauses everywhere.
32 Advocate of strong necessities must reject this picture.
33 Major investment in public transportation is a necessity .
34 It was very much out of necessity .
35 Short commons bought only the bare necessities .
36 Play is an emotional and mental health necessity .
37 Which is another another for of necessity .
38 That makes good corporate communications an absolute necessity .
39 This move is based neither in principle nor in necessity .
40 Their necessities are now greater than ever before.