negative attitude

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1 Ask yourself why they hold such negative attitudes .
2 Key professionals often share these negative attitudes .
3 Negative attitudes against gay and lesbian men and women remain entrenched.
4 A negative attitude toward an administrator or student?
5 I still have a negative attitude towards precious metals.
6 Today, this negative attitude still persists.
7 Often, negative attitudes are based on misinformation.
8 My fault, for a negative attitude .
9 Some babies have developed a negative attitude about eating.
10 Nevertheless, some negative attitudes still prevail at times.
11 Which of the following is a negative attitude ?
12 Some people had experienced negative attitudes from their tutors.
13 The tasks were designed to generate a strong, negative attitude .
14 However, the organization's negative attitude towards those clubs continued.
15 Consequently, her negative attitude undermines the equality of women.
16 Negative attitudes to a programme's value also persisted.
17 Their negative attitudes go on for episode after episode.
18 We can always choose a positive attitude over a negative attitude .
19 The negative attitudes may also be internalized.
20 Her negative attitudes and unhelpfulness added to the sorrow.
21 That's kind of a negative attitude to have.
22 Such negative attitudes hardly encourage success.
23 Similarly, negative attitudes against leftist athletes prevailed in other Cypriot cities.
24 There are now signs that the generally negative attitudes may be changing.
25 Starčević had negative attitudes toward Roman Catholic clergy in Croatia.
26 Perhaps the Tourism Goddess was punishing me for my negative attitude .
27 This person has a negative attitude .
28 The young are "consistent in their negative attitude " toward the old.
29 Do not give any complaint or have any negative attitude .
30 He also manages to change the Chaudhary family's negative attitudes .
31 However, a few had met with negative attitudes in the process.
32 The uneasy tone illustrates Huxley's negative attitude towards this type of civilization.
33 Likely her negative attitude toward sex was partly a reflection of her experiences.
34 Gradually, this negative attitude between Buddhists and Christians started to change.
35 I have a very negative attitude and really want to change it.
36 A small racist joke or ill considered sentence only serves to reinforce negative attitudes .
37 As a whole, Delchev had a negative attitude towards their activities.
38 Islamophobia - Negative attitudes and feelings towards Islam or Muslims.
39 I have nothing to show and my negative attitude doesn't help either.
40 Many rich people have negative attitudes and many poor people have positive attitudes.